Which Pre Phono between Dynavector XX2 and AN M3

I do not have any Phono entry on my Audio Note M3 pre-amp and want to buy a Pre-phono + step-up for my Dynavector XX2 (mounted on Regar Arm and DSP Turntable).

I'm hesitating between:
- EAR 834P
- Aqvox 2CI MKII

but open to better choice ..

Any advice or experience on that ??
Personally, I prefer the Vacuumstate JLTi and Pass XOno to the EAR and AQVox by quite a bit. The JLTI and XOno do have so much more detail and dynamic compared to the EAR. I fell the EAR would be holding back your otherwise excellent analog set-up.

I assume you mean a DPS table? What is the rest of your system like? If you need a richer sound, I would consider other tube phonostages like the Herron, Art Audio or the K&K instead of the Ear.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the Ayre P5xe may be the best at anywhere near this price point(and much higher). First of all, I'm not a P5xe owner(GCPH) but I've been researching phono stages for a couple years and it seems the only one with close to everything you need in a phono stage.
-Adequate gain for any cartridge
_quiet operation
-potential for balnaced and single ended connections(in and out)
-loading options(it falls down a bit here in terms of convenience but there is a wide variety of options)
-RIAA accuracey
This last point is the most frustrating for me on even mega expensive stages. Take, for example, the $12,000.00 Audio Teckne currently highly touted by TAS and sure to have a glowing review coming soon. RIAA on this unit varies by +-1.5db. Doesn't sound bad at first but this is huge. By comparison, the $2500 P5xe varies by only +- .05db. My GCPH, also dead quiet and very flexible, +-.1db.
For these reasons, I would recommend looking more closely at these two moderately priced units. More money may get you less flexibility and more coloration and not much else. Need more than one phono input? How about 2 or even 3 P5xes. You still come in at less than a megabuck phono. Anyway, this is where I've ended up so far. I feel the P5xe is vastly underestimated because of it's modest price. Of course YMMV.
Sonofjim, hsince you brought up the RIAA accuracy:

JLTI +/- 0.1dB from 10Hz to 50KHz
XOno +/- 0.1dB from 20Hz to 20KHz

Not like I think this is the only important parameter though...
>>I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the Ayre P5xe may be the best at anywhere near this price point(and much higher).<<

I agree.

You are going out on a limb.
from my understanding the audionote m3 does not have balanced inputs. you are probabaly best served to find a single ended phono stage. why not the audionote m3 phono?
btw, i am using the xx-2 mkii with the aqvox in balanced mode and couldn't be happier.
You forgot the YMMV part as well. What do you know of/sell that has the gain, flexibilty and significantly outperforms the P5xe at or even twice it's price without taking too much liberty with the RIAA curve? I'm not taunting, I really am looking for an accurate, flexible phonostage, preferably with multiple inputs (balanced>single ended). Stelma's stated that he's open to suggestion as well.
I know your right that RIAA accuracey isn't the only important parameter but all else being equal, especially at a high price point, I'd want the more accurate one.

Thanks for your input ...(and indeed, I have a DPS table (noit a DSP!!)

Selling my M3 and buy an M5? Why not but quite expensive ...

I will consider the Herron, Art AUdio .. and maybe even the Ayre P5xe(assuming they are easily available in Europe - I'm leaving in France).

Why I get from your comments, is that Aquvox or Ear will notbe enough .. This is embarassing!!
I am getting an Ayre P-5xe to pair with my Dynavector XX-2 MkII, and both should arrive next week and will keep you posted.

In the meantime, if you have already bought your phono stage let us know your reaction.
Somebody pinged me about an update to the Ayre P-5xe... I received the analog rig about 2-3 months ago. In a word, this is a truly spectacular phono and you can find more details at http://www.martinloganowners.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9365

Today, I had an audio *rgasm with the original Telarc Carmina Burana from the 1980's (Shaw/Atlanta Symphony) - and before you think I am talking about the typical Telarc bass drum whacks, the truly ecstatic experience was with the size and body of the chorus and the impact & intensity of the lifelike, silky cymbals (which caused the amp to shut down at one point due to their very wide dynamic range)! This record continues its legend.
Dear friends: By this time Stelma almost solve its " trouble ":

Regards and enjoy the music,