Which Pre-Amp Pass Labs or Audio Research

I`m now using The Pass X350 Power Amp and a Audio Research upgraded LS22 preamp. I`ve also used the Ref5 both preamps sound great the Ref5 was just adorable much better control etc. Im wondering would the Pass Xp20 or Xp30 be a better way to go. I`v heard the AR preamps are much better than the Pass Labs Preamps.
With some tube changes I like my recently bought Einstein The Tube mk2. Search and you will find the Audiogon thread. It may not be your cup of tea, but I mention it also since I saw it in the Audiogon ads, reasonably priced.
Sunfentanil, as I stated I`ve been into tubes since the 70`s Audio Research sp3 my first High end tube preamp Its been AR every since. After so many hours tubes go bad tube rolling isn`t cheap; there will be know need to worry about this problem going transistor. The Ref5 I adored but my buget would not allow me to hear the maximum performance of the Ref5 by that I mean I just could`nt see my self upgrading to a great 2,000 cart. 3k speaker cables may be better speakers than my 3.6 Maggies heaven only knows what else, are you feeling me?
Well, most recently I tried used AR LS17SE and Pass XP-10 at home for extended listening. From a system matching standpont, the XP-10 was better to these old ears, but your mileage may vary. Have owned several AR pieces (SS and Tube) and they make great gear.....so does Pass though.
I have owned the Pass XP-20 as well ARC Anniversary Ref 40. Very, very different sounding and you'll hear that difference immediately. It's hard to say which you would prefer as you don't say why you are dissatisfied with your current sound and what type of music you listen to primarily. Help us out please.
Barrysandy, I think I`ll have a much better match pass to pass. I also want to try S/S for a while after a few years or thousands of hours down the road its time to change tubes, don`t have to worry about that with S/S. My taste in music is classical,Jazz,blues, gospell