Which Pre-amp. match with Krell KSA 200S Pow. Amp?

Dear all,
I had Krell KSA 200s Pow. Amp and B&W 804s, I find pre-amp for this package. So could you pls help me which pre-amp macth with this package?
A cary SLP 2002 or a SLP 05. Krells sound better balanced and with a good balanced tube pre-amp like the two I mentioned you cannot go wrong. The Cary tube pre-amps will warm things up a little on the KSA 200s which can have a bit of a bright sound. Most friends of mine that own Krell amps from that era end up with these pre-amps. Still be sure to get the correct tubes that will compliment your system.
KSP-7B or KRC. I have never heard Krell amps sound brite. Match your amp and preamp and you will eliminate a lot of problems.
I like SF with my Krells. CJ is also a good match ... heard it many times except CJ is not balance. I'm not a fan of Krell preamps but one of my buddies use KRC with his KSA200s.

I never found Krell sounding bright if PROPER cables are use. From my experience, MIT worked best for my taste.
This pre-amp will work well.
Krells sound pretty good with almost anything. They are just great amp!!

I would suggest the Cary's, Rogue's, or Shindo, or Manley's.
Check the output impedance if going with a tube preamp. IE: I found McIntosh C2200 a poor match for my FPB600. No bass, dynamics ... just flat and boring.
IMHO, the KSA-Xs series was anything but bright. If anything, these amps shaded very slightly darkish to my ear. I owned a KSA 50s and auditioned the bigger models extensively, and I might have sensed very slightly closed, diminished treble. It's true that these tended amps also toward powerful deep bass and that they could be a little lean thru the mid-bass. The net impression for me was slightly "thin" or "analytical", but overall pretty darn neutral and definitely not bright.

So, for a matching pre:

I'd agree that the balanced output is a good idea and also agree that tubes work well. I used a SF Line 3 with real success and ARC LS-25 (leaner sounding, itself) somewhat less successfully. I also used a Audible Illusions Modulus 3 (single ended) and I liked that match a lot - even it wasn't as quiet as the balanced preamps.

Bottom line: a characteristically "tubey" sounding pre might be a good idea and a balanced out would help, too. Based on my experience with their Rhea phono stage, I suspect that the Aesthetix Janus or Calypso linestage might be a good call. However, I haven't directly heard the pairing, so this is speculation on my part.

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The Quicksilver full function preamp has an extremely low output impedance and seems to work well with just about any amp. If you want a tube preamp the Quicksilver is a pretty safe bet.
Hello to my mind, and I have extensive experience in brand Krell, you would have to get a KRC HR, or KRC, with respect to the Krell have a hard sound, I tell you any experience with them
They are absolutely had filed IC cables and powercord very high level, with them will get a sound very musical and dynamic, more like valves but with the extention of the solid state,
Regards Adrian

Regards Adrian
Thanks for your comment.
I agree with thesoundhouse,The Krell power amplifiers to sound a bit bright,thin Mid low and a little dynamic absence!That's why I find a pre tube.
My firend suggest that I should choose Aesthetix Calypso's warm sound and good dynamic.
So, Do you think that is best choice? Who is the bestter choice, pls help me?
How about BAT tube pre? 32SE, 5i