Which Pre-amp is better suited for VTL TT-25 ?

I need advice about pre-amp sound that suited for VTL TT-25 amp monoblock.
(Rogue Magnum 99, BAT 3i or VTL 5.5 TL) these are the pre-amps that I am looking for, but if anyone have opinion or experience with other brand ...?
I am looking for warm sound, good/deep bass and good soundstage.
Interconnect:Cardas neutral Ref(preamp to amp) and Quaqdlink 5C, cable speaker Cardas Quadlink 5C.

Any helpful suggestions or comments would be appreciated.


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I have had two VTL amps( 60/60 deluxe and triode30), got great results with VTL preamps in the chain, and it is an easy sell if you decide to change both units somewhere in the future.

I would stick with VTL myself, not that I have heard any of the VTL items you mentioned I just believe in system synergy.

I heard a Bat pre (it may have been the 3i I do not remember) I think it was the 3i and the Rogue 99 Magnum was clearly better in my system. The BAT made me want to sleep as it was too smooth. The BAT had new tubes so they can not be blamed, also I may have had the Rogue Magnum 120 amps at the time.

FWIW my 2 cents...
I recommend the Blue Circle 21.1 preamp. It's similarly
priced and has an option of a stepped (resistor) volume
control. My unit gives a full sound without shrillness.
This preamp has received excellent reviews also.
Thanks to all of you for imformation that you shared.
Happy Holiday.

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