Which pre-amp for the VAC 30/30

Hi, I have a VAC 30/30 amp and spoke with Kevin Hayes of VAC regarding the compatibility of the VAC 30/30 with my existing pre-amps, CAT MK III, Audible Illusion and the VAC Vintage Pre-amp. He indicated the 30/30 are input sensitive, and many pre-amps are not compatible, with the CAT and the Audible Illusion pre-amp there would be too much "tube noise" even with the VAC Vintage modifications would have to be performed at the factory.
Please owners of 30/30 please advise which pre-amp is a good combination. Thanks.
I have a VAC 70/70 MKIII. I was using a Sonic Frontiers SFL2 line stage with no noise problems. I heard from 1 dealer that the BAT pre-amps are not a good match with the VAC amps (possible hum problems). That was the only person I heard this from. I went ahead and purchased a BAT 51SE. I hear no tube or noise problems and the system sounds incredible. Hope this helps.
i own the VAC 35/35 Triode amp...i 've used an Audible Illusions L1 pre and now use a VTL 5.5...no noise at all...the VTL is nice...
When I was in charge of system set-up at Salon 1 Audio,I had many different preamps hooked to this series amp.My personal favorite was the First Sound Presence.Very musical and detailed.This combination was dead quiet and had good gain flexibility.I beleve the units are completely update/upgradeable.Emanuel Go is super nice also.
I used the VAC 30/30 Mk. III with a BAT VK-5i and had no hum problems whatsoever. Proved to be very nice sounding combination.
The Herron preamp is dead quiet and great sounding with very good output/input impedance specs. Should be a good match with amps like Art Audio Jota or the VAC 30/30.
There is something wrong with your VAC 30/30.