Which Pre-amp for Berning amp & Magnepan Tympan 1D

My old Conrad-Johnson pre-amp has finally died, so need to purchase another pre-amp (tube) with a remote. Price range < $1,000. Any suggestions will be Greatly appreciated.
Hhhh, price point is a bit limiting. I know used First Sound and Joule Electra LA MKIII go for ~$1400, so a bit more than you're wanting to spend..... Hmm, im struggling here for under $1K.
He just came out with the most affordable 600.00 Merlin preamp. The fellows over at the Klipsch forum seem to think a lot of his preamps.
I am considering one myself.
A Berning TF-10 or TF-12 preamp would be a good choice. Both were available with remote. The TF-10 had a wired remote and the TF-12 had a standard multifunction remote.Mike Cassidy
I second the TF-10/12 and Juicy Fruit preamps.
Which Berning amp are you using on the tympanis? Mike Cassidy
The Audio Research SP-10 made the Tympanis sing. It has a way with the bass that really took control of the Tympanis. Of course the midrange and highs were excellent too. The SP-10 worked great with the ribbon tweeter, giving it extension and clarity while never sounding harsh. Perhaps Bill Johnson used Tympanis to design the SP-10 with. Magnepan and ARC were worked closely together around this time. All I know is the SP-10 just blew away the Sp-6b, Sp-6e, Sp-8 and various Conrad Johnson preamps that we had in the store's system at that time.
The SP-10 maybe Bill Johnson's best preamp ever in many regards.