Which pre amp do you think would best pair up with an Accuphase DP75 ?

I am currently running My Accuphase DP75 Directly into my Convergent Audio Technology L1 Amps without a pre amp. I was wondering which pre amp would be a good match?
Please advise ..
Good query- I would be interested in reading about this as well.
What cabling are you using speedster789?
Atma-Sphere or Purity Audio. Both are Top Class.

The DP75 has a very nice low 46 ohms output impedance with 2.5v output, perfect for driving powamps direct. This is better drivability than most preamps can do.

It has an "Output level control 0 to –60 dB in 1-dB steps (digital)" if your using this digital domain volume control below (-50db) 75% of full, then you could be "bit stripping" EG: instead of 16bit resolution you’ll get 14bits, 12bits or even 10bits depending on how low you go.

If you do use it below 75% leave it up full and use one of these instead for just $49, you will be surprised at the sound difference you’ll get of no "bit stripping".


Cheers George

Correction, that "below" (-50db) should read "below" (-10db to -15db) before "bit stripping" starts.

Cheers George