Which powerfilter for best picture on Plasma & LCD

I am trying to figure out which is the best power filter to plug in the Sony HD TV with to benefit to get the very best & the clearest picture. ( price should be from the best to the best bang for the dollard)
I know they sell many different ones , but I'm looking for best picture quality, any ideal what works best?

Also I see the power cord is a special 90 degree plug to the TV , anyone know if I changed the PC if it would benefit, also where to get one that would plug into the Sony
Changed the PC on my Pioneer Plasma and it did make a difference. Not a huge difference but a enough of a visual difference.

Richard Grey component may meet your video power filter needs for Sony HD TV.
No aftermarket power cord will plug directly into the back of your Sony. You will need an adaptor (Audio Advisor)
I have a Sony XBR Bravia and use a spare Shunyata Alpha power cord into Richard Gray AC filter with very good results. Takes away any trace of haze. 3D ish sometimes.
Once you get the adaptor you should see a difference with any better cord. Dont forget to change the wall socket,(from Shunyata, found here on Agon also)
Try this:

I put a Maestro outlet in my cheap monster cable hts3000 power conditioner and I'm just amazed at the picture I'm getting with Directv HD 1080i signal!.. My Pioneer krp-500m plasma looks very sharp and the colors look so natural and life-like...skin tones look accurate and life-like too. The whole picture looks so crystal clear and so life-like that it looks like I can reach out and touch someone!.. I've only had the maestro outlet in my power conditioner for about 15 days and the picture might improve even more as the outlet settles-in more in the next week or two. I watched a few reruns of football games and they looked.. DAMN GOOD ! Look at my review
If your able to, I suggest upgrading your VAC to a dedicated 20 amp circuit using 10 -12 ga. copper wire in metal clad conduit terminated with, at the very least, a hospital grade isolated ground receptacle. If the VAC from the street to your breaker box is clean It's not uncommon for some conditioners to degrade the VAC after this upgrade. Cost for a licensed electrician, $150-$400.
I’m not going to say the Audience conditions are the best… but I will say they’re darn good. I’ve got an Audience AR1P and an Audience AR6. I had my cable box, my Pioneer Plasma, Theta Intrepid amp, Theta Casablanca II pre-pro, and Theta Compli CDP all plugged into the Audience AR6 and the picture on the Pioneer was great. I wanted to see what would happen if I ran only my amp, pre-pro, and CDP into the AR6 so I plugged the Pioneer into the AR1P and the cable box directly into my Oyaide R-1 and WP-Z wall plug. The picture quality was nowhere near what it was when everything was plugged into the Audience AR6.

So, I plugged the cable box back into the AR6, and the picture quality returned.