which powercord? jps,esp,shunyata....?

i"m looking for power cords to my system
levinson 23.5 and 26 and my cd is bat.
After trying and wasting my money stupidly with over rated and expensive chords designed to look pretty and strong, I was blown away by the Absolute Power Chord, suddenly the equipment and cables ceased to exist and all I was experiecing was the beauty of Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro, try this item, it's less than $50.00 but let's your system perform, with out the worry of wether you were just screwed out of your money.

Call David at:
Damoka International
New York, NY
(212) 625-3689 (tel.)
(212) 625-3691 (fax)
i have 2 viper2s,one nbs statement and recently installed 2 whale elites that made more of a difference,at 1/2 the cost of the others,in my 2 amps.they are very good cords.great bass response,better vocals,better transient response.
Ravi -

Echoing Calloway's post; I've got Shunyata Viper's / Sidewinder's and BMI Whale Elite's. I'm very pleased with them after sampling a hoard of their competitors - including the JPS and owning the E.S.P "Essence". The ESP is not in the same league with the other fine cords you mention. Check with Paul at www.FatWyre.com about borrowing those cords to sample for a nominal fee. Thats the only way to go about it, not sampling the "pearls of wisdom" from the peanut gallery, however telling. Just remember - YMMV.

BMI cables are great, and stupid great for the money.
I have had great luck with Eel Reference Custom model by BMI.

Very quiet, excellent dynamics, fast transient attack.
If you have around 500 to spend,then go for the whale.I've tried other big buck PC's and the BMI whale is the most neutral of them all....Check out the feedback or better yet,order one direct.You'll be glad you did.........
Well, I might as well pile on. I also use two BMI Whales on the digital stuff and since I ran out of money I use an Absolute PC on the SET amp. The Absolute replaced the $200 PC that I was using before and in comparison I do feel that the BMI PC's are worth the extra $400+. They both offer performance way beyond their price points.
I'm auditioning a BMI Eel Reference custom at the moment on my Rel sub and it's outstanding. A great value for the money, and I can only imagine what the Whale must be like. Deeper, tighter , beautifully open and involving,this Eel is an exceptional performer.Can't compare it to the super pricey stuff (out of my league right now) but I've tried a lot other in the $200-$400 range and this is my 1st choice for sure.Can't wait to get one on my transport. Good luck.

Are you using the BMI Whale PC with an EMC-1 CDP? I just bought one and am looking for a PC to go with it. I'm concerned though that the Whale might be a bit too heavy & stiff for my application.

Is the Whale flexible enough to make a right angle turn from the back of the CDP without putting undue pressure on it? It's sitting on a shelf 4 feet off the ground.


Hi Ken: I use them on a Cal Icon MkII and a Bel Canto DAC. The PC's are very flexible and they twist, so lining up the IEC is a cinch. They require 4"-6" of room to make the bend behind a component. Setup was easy and they do not seem to be too heavy (the BC DAC only weighs 5 or 6 pounds). I will eventually suspend them with cotton ribbon, but have been using them "hanging on their own" for months now without a problem. I only needed 3' PC's but purchased 5' ones so that they will be long enough for any placement changes that may happen down the line. I learned this lesson with a pair of .5 meter IC's once (which soon became shorter than needed).
Before you make a finial decision try the Ensemble PC's at JC Audio.

The sound will astound you!!!!!!!!! This is not an advertisement, just sharing a good product, from a Great Dealer!!!

Good Listening
I need to jump on the band wagon also. You can't go wrong with the BMI EEL or Whale Elite. Both are great cords at a good value.
Thanks, Dekay. It seems that the Whales are very popular here. Like you, I can get by with a shorter 6' cord, but 8' would look better. Have you compared the Whale to the Eel? I've been told they're also very good.

Thanks too to Lak and Stealth for their input.
Any experience on length of Whale effecting sound etc. from 3-9 ft?
Ken: No, I never did try the EEL cords. My wife told me that "we ain't havin no EEl's in the house honey", and that was the end of the EEL's. Whales have a higher WAF, I think, and I would recommend that BMI's next triumph be called The Dolphin, so that more of us will have a chance of getting them into our systems. If my wife were into piercing, Goth and tattoos, then it may have gone the other way. I am also curious though as to how the two would combine synergy wise in a system as the combo would be much easier on the budget. ASA: I have only used the 5' version.
Ken, length does not seem to effect the EEL or Whale Elite. I personally would purchase the Whale Elite over the EEL, however they are both very good, you get more for your money in this case!
I'm a true believer in Custom Power Cords by David Blair. The entry level Mod. 11 are a great buy for the money. From there, I would jump directly to the Top Gun an incredible power cord that you won't be disappointed with.
I have older Levinson gear and using both BMI's whales & NBS statement which improved my system dramatically. It opened up the soundstage and big improvements in the bottom end and mids. Very smooth on the top end and need to get another whale for my line conditioner.
I've had great success with electraglide fat boy. It has brought out detail and bass tremendously. It made my Krell 200s sound like a new more powerful amp. With so many good reviews on the BMI Whale Elite I am definitly going to try one and make a direct comparison.
You need to try a bunch to really know. Try the Cable Company, Audio Advisor, or Pure Note to get 30-day trials.
The BMI Whale is a pretty impressive power cord. I've had a number of different cables and the Whales are the most accurate, detailed and realistic bass I've ever heard. This is from someone who was in the recording studio for over 25 yrs.
have to agree with marcel, the apc power cords are EXCELENT, regardless of the 49.00 price tag. I am using two on a BAT VK500. they give an even more open and easy sound. Right up there with my synergistic cables.
I switched from the Top gun and Top Gun HC, To the eel ref. No comparison, the eel blew away the top guns.
Well team BMI is out in great force, and I don't doubt that they make a great product. However put me down as Absolute
power cord believer, for the price of one BMI Whale I can outfit 2 entire systems with APCs, something to consider if price has any bearing. I agree fully with Marcel and Banksfriend.

As stated above you must try several AC cords in your own system to see what you like, Cable Co is handy for this.
If I were to try some new AC cables Acoustic Zen Tsunami would at the top of my list, very reasonable price also.
What about Cardas power cords ?

Better than BMI Whales, EELs??
I had Cardas Golden power cords a few years ago. I bought them used and couldn't wait to resell them. The Cardas Golden colored the music and lacked soundstage. I recently bought some Whales and all I can say is WOW. The vocals were more natural and cleaned up. Pinpoint accuracy in detail. And the best extended bass I ever heard in resulting with the Whale. The Whales in my system brought a lot of life out my equipment and neutral tonal balance. Don't just take my word read the forum search under BMI or Whale.