Which Power Cord are you using with Parasound A21?

I have a Pangea AC-9SE right now. I was thinking of moving up to a $500 or below cable. Second hand or new. I heard good things about PS Audio AC12 which can be had below $500 used. I was told a Kimber PK10 Gold would be good. Any thoughts. Thanks
It's very easy to make a mistake with PC's. I wouldn't take a chance and buy one without a demo. If you call The Cable Co., they'll lend you a few so that you can try them in your system first. I've been using them for years, and wouldn't do cables any other way.

Also, it won't be random selection with them. They ask anyone who demo's cables to fill out a form that spells out your likes and dislikes of all the cables you try. The A21 is a very popular amp. They will tell you what cables past customers liked the best on the A21.
I use a PS Audio power cord.
Of all the cords I've tried over the last two years or so the Kimber Pk 10 Golds are my favorite for amps and power conditioners. The Pk 14 Golds excel for preamps and sources. Hands down the best tone and overall balance for either the 10s or 14s depending on application. YMMV.
Have a Parasound 2125 amp. I use a Iceageaudio power cord. Price well below other cables using the same technology.
I went from the Pangea AC-9SE to the new AC-9XL and the difference was astounding. There was an across the board improvement in sound on pretty much every parameter. Previously I had felt the sound of the A21 to be a little dark - the AC-9XL made it sound more open, refined and powerful at the same time. My 2 cents!
Hi Srama I do not see the new AC-9XL on Audio Advisor site. Did you get it from them? How much did it cost and what difference did you feel between the 9SE and 9XL. Thanks.
Hi Cougar4U,
So sorry, I had a senior moment,a decade earlier than I should. It was the cord on the preamp that I changed from 14SE to ac-14XL. The A21 still had the AC9 SE. What was amazing to me was that the combination of the pre (Benchmark Dac2 HGC) with the new power cord completely altered my system for the better. The thing is that the Benchmark is hardly what you would call "dark sounding", although it is incredibly smooth and refined. Even so, replacing the Benchmark's cord with the Pangea 9XL made a huge improvement in the sound exactly in those areas that I thought the amp was lacking compared to my previous one. The only explanation I have is that the A21 is very sensitive to component quality upstream.