Which Power Cord

Hello All.

Of these two power cords, the Core Power Technology Equi=Core 300 or the Foundation Research LC-10, which would you choose to pair with a solid state preamplifer (Threshold T2) and why?

I am looking specifically at these two power cords for what they offer in power line conditioning.

Any and all recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Best Regards
Not heard either of these cables. I’d suggest contact both manufactures to see if you can do an in home demo to hear them both. Most cable companies outside of the Monster Cable and AudioQuest big boys will work with you and let you return their cable if you don’t like them, and guessing no local dealer or they sale direct which if so they should be willing to work with you. If they’re not that easy to work with, you just might want to look elsewhere. If you haven’t heard either cable then why narrow it down to just the two? Ton of great power cords out there.
Thank You, adg101
Core power tech. Hv been using it for last 6-7 days. It is superb . Biggest value for money product I hv ever used.  Mark, the owner is a treat to deal with.
Update us- tube_meister.
I own two LC-10 from Foundation Research - one for my DAC and another for my tube amp. IMO rhey are outstanding.