Which power conditioner is right for my system?

Hi all! Remodeling my condo and want to make some changes to/for my system. I've got 60 amp service to the condo w/ a little breaker box so, I'm having a sub-panel installed. Want to run a dedicated 15amp circuit for the sound system. After I've got this squared away, I want to pick up a power conditioner to plug the whole sound system into. Been looking at the Monster's (hts 3600 and hts 5000mkII) and Panamax's upper line.

Question 1.
Any suggestions on what type of recepticles to use? And any suggestions on how they should be positioned/installed?

Question 2.
Any suggestions on which power conditioner to go with? My budget is $450.00 (or less) new or used. Also - Should I be considering not only spiking, but regulating low voltage as well?

My system:
Krell 300i (int. amp)
Shanling CDT100 (cdp)
Magnum Dynalabs FT101 (Tuner)
Martin Logan Sequals (electrostat spkrs)
UltraLink Platinum RCA interconnects
Mega XTD Power Cables
PS Audio High Current Ultimate Outlet. Go to their website to learn more about it.
You are most of the way there with a dedicated line.

(I am quoting list prices below for comparing to your budget. You may find discounts.)

1) For a conditioner, and considering your budget, I would recommend you take a look at the Chang Lightspeed. CLS-6400 ISO MK2 You could get a better power cord for the Chang later. (The Monster/Panamax would not be my first choice.)

A conditioner will actually help issolate the digital from the rest of the system. Digital gear is usually a source of AC noise.

Alternately you could plug the amplifier directly into the wall outlet and ........

2a) For the rest of the system you may want to consider a PS Audio Juice Bar ($199) which is a high end power strip.

2b) Add to that a good power cord between the Juice Bar and the wall outlet. There are many good power cords in the $150+ range.

2c) In another open outlet on the wall recepticles insert a Blue Circle BC86 Noisehound ($110); which will clean up any remaining impurities in the power without limiting the current.

3) The Hubbell 8300 AC recepticles are very good and not too expensive.
The Monster HTS5000MkII will compliment the look of your Shanling T100 player with its beautiful blue LED and meter display. It sounded good on my system as compare to the PS Audio P300. The PS P300 made my system sounded darker and less air when I plug in my preamp and Cd player into it. Not many people here on Audiogon would recommend Monster stuff, but I happened to like it in my system. I plug 2 NAD S200, 1 NAD S100, and my CD player all into the HTS 5000 MkII. I just ordered the Shanling T100, can't wait for it to arrive.
Go with the Custom Power Block, The Best for you system.