Which power conditioner for my Musician II ?

What power conditioner works for those whom are running a Spectron Musician II ??
I preferred no power conditioner on my Spectron. I previously owned a Hydra and then an Audio Magic Stealth. I kept the Spectron directly to the dedicated line (JPS labs in-wall cable with a FIM outlet). I have since been fortunate to greatly upgrade my electronics and cables. My speakers have been the same – Silverline LaFolias. I now use no power conditioner. With my upgrades, my system sounds BY FAR the best it ever has. IMO, conditioners may be right in some applications, I have found that a simplier system, using higher quality components and cables, has brought me much closer to musical happiness. Good luck.
Thanks Priz (Jim) for your input. I was concerned about such a quest. I do believe that the digital amp could very well be suppressed running into such a device. Not to mention that the other components in my system would most likely benefit from the conditioner. Your approach makes a lot of sense and I thank you once again..... Bill
I ran my MII into a bybee pro. Sounded OK. Sounds a lot better direct into the wall (Elrod 3S, FIM 880 receptacle and dedicated line). The bybee is great for my CDP, but seemed to constrain the amp.

Also, power cords make a big difference. I tried a bunch and like the Elrod 3s the best on the amp. The VD Nite is cheaper though and is almost as good.