Which power conditioner for large amp and digital?

I'm hoping to aquire one power conditioner for my system(due to space). Arcam Alpha 9 cd, Anthem AVM20, Sunfire Sig. 425w x 5. Have 2 dedicated runs now, but would like a conditioner that could handle and seperate all. Have researched Audio Magic Stealth, Hydra, and Balanced Power. Not sure which is best to handle all components, as the Sunfire seems to like its own 20amp, non current limiting draw. Would also like to keep the Anthem seperate from the Arcam, as it runs primarily in analog bypass. Any suggestions?
Have you looked into the Running Springs Danielle? From what you state, it should be able to handle this situation effortlessly.
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...my experience with power conditioners led me to the new audioexcellence 'powerwing' conditioner.i previously used ps 300/600 products that were good and the hydra that was better but the powerwing is,to my ears,much better.i,too,have a dedicated 20amp line and my goldmund 29m amp sounds better going through the 'powerwing' then directly into the wall....not much, but better.mr. kafton's product won a brutus award on positive feedback's website and was used in many rooms at the recent ces.the powerwing has a full write-up at audioexcellenceaz.com...check it out..it is very good.
The Foundation Research LC2 is what UHF magazine uses on its reference power amp. They say very good things about it in issue 58. The LC2 replaces the power cord, BTW.

UHF magazine back issue order page
PS Audio P1200 or p1000; or, a balanced power iso tranny ala Equitech 2Q. Either should support that amp fine.

I plug all my components into my Audio Magic Eclipse. The isolation, in the Eclipse, is perfect as far as digital and analog goes. Two separate power cords required; and then going into two dedicated lines = electric nirvana. Of course, some good power cords are needed to complete the equation. Before the Eclipse I used the Audio Magic Digital Mini and the Matrix for my analog. peace, warren
Equitech 2q or NBS would be my suggestions depending on the problem you encounter with your power lines... also, if you don't need to, don't use them for amps (as Elizabeth suggested).

For Digital (on my power lines), PS audio and Accuphase are both quite good.

My $0.02
Thanks for the input everyone. From what I am hearing, I should probably just clean up my front end components. I'm not sure how to tell if I have problems with my power, but maybe I should just leave the amp plugged to the wall w/powerport, or perhaps add an ultimate outlet, just for protection for surge etc.

I am really just looking for a bit more depth, clarity and soundstage. Want to get the most out of my system. I am replacing my interconnects next, & have already upgraded the amp power cable, then will see what is lacking.

Could the cdp and Anthem both go into an Audio Magic Digital Mini, or Stealth, or similar unit, and keep seperate? I have read nothing but good reviews on the Audio Magic gear, and seems compact, quiet and affordible.
I don't know what the Anthem is, however, if it is digital, keeping in separate from analog, is best. With the digital mini, this is not a problem if they are both digital. The Stealth has separate circuitry for both. If you're interested, Westcoaster, send me an email on the side and I can turn you on to the guy I purcased all my Audio Magic from. He's honest, audio savvy, patient and great prices to boot. peace, warren
I just want something to clean up and protect my two cd players and my tuner. What do you folks think about a RGPC 400mkII? Which Audiomagic or Chang product would take care of my situation? I would like to stay beneath $500 (new or used)Thanks,
Audio Magic vs Chang? You're actually considering buying the Chang overf the AM? You just might find a Stealth Mini Digital, used, if you're patient. I believe a new one would cost you in the neighborhood of $650. Worth the $$--big time! Save and wait a little longer, and buy a brand spanking new one, and you'll thank me later. Your patience will be generously rewarded. peace, warren
Pardales- two .47uf/600volt Auricaps across the hot and neutral of your wall outlet are more effective than the
magic gem stones in AM's cute little plastic box.

If you prefer, you could put an Auricap inside each of your
components across the AC input.

http://www.audiosold.com has plans for a DIY RG type filter, if you need more clean up.
I hesitate to enter this discussion as it is very complex and component dependent. I have tried more than 35 various ac filters and conditioners and like only several, but I know that my findings may be limited to my SET/horn system. I have found the Sound Application Linestage is best at cleaning up your ac and making the sound very fast and dynamic. I have also found the Equi=Techs keep back EMF, especially from digital units, from muddying everything else. I plug it into the Sound Application. I know there are other balanced units to compete with the Equi=Techs, but I know of no one's experience that would cause me to change.

I have also found the Reimyo filter on my Reimyo amp adds greatly to the sound stage and quiet of the amp. The Reimyo is plugged into the Sound Application. My Citation 7.1 woofer amp likes only the Sound Application.

Good ac cords on each of these and after each of these adds immeasurably to their quality. I use Omega Mikros, Harmonix, FMS, and Bogdans.