which power cables for w4 sound sx-1000s?

which power cables do you recommend for w4 sound sx-1000s monos? used to drive Tyler acoustics woodmeres.Any thoughts?
There are several good PC out there. How much are you willing to spend and do you want to buy new or used?
I owned the SX-1000 monoblocks, and personally found them a little dry and rolled off. I was able to help this significantly with very open and transparent power cables. For the Wyred amps, it made all the difference in the world. Only down side was the $550 each the power cables cost.
Just curious Timtim, since you did not mention, which power cable?
Why not try Wyred's own power cords? They may have great synergy since the folks at W4S seem to be pretty good at voicing their products. Not too expensive and the worst you can do is return them and eat the 15% restocking charge.
Foster_9 ... I make ALL of my own audio cables from finely stranded UPOCC copper, which a cable manufacturer ( family hook-up ) makes to my own specs ... Cheers
Give the Cullen power cords a try. They are sold here on Audiogon. Send an email to Cullen05 and tell him what you want to use them on and have him make you up a pair of power cords. A few friends of mine have purchased these and said there is a lot of bang for the buck. I personally don't own any but I'm happy with what I have.