which power cable for Emmlabs cdsa se

Which power cable for Emm Labs cdsa se is recommended?
and is Virtual Dynamics Revelation apropriate for this player? or maybe overload it?
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Well... I have tried it with an Elrod Signature and while it sounded quite good, with a Jena One, it really, REALLY sounds good.
Completely agree with the Jena recommendation. I used to own the CDSD/DCC2 combo, and a pair of Ones upped the already lofty performance a couple of notches or more. It didn't take an audiophile to hear it, either.
I have used the Jena ones on this player. I have since changes all my cabling to VD master sreies. Both are excellent choices. It seems to me all VDs have the huge soundstage. Overload?? not sure what that means.
i recently purchased a cdsa-se and use a jps 'aluminata' pc...this is a great match although i honestly haven't tried another as i already had the 'aluminata' which is what i use on all my gear...they are ..by far..the best pc's i have tried...