Which power amp is the best for my Contour 1.3 SE?

Hi, I would like to upgrade my power amp with budget about $3,000. Currently I'm using 4BST, a little too bright when I turn up the volume but a little too dark when the volume down. Is it because of the power amp or something else? Thanks in advance.

power amp: 4BST pre amp: Threshold T2
CD transport: Esoteric P2; DAC: ML 360s
speakers: Dynaudio Contour 1.3 SE
P2 -> ML360s Toslink-ST (ATT)
dac -> pre Tara Lab Air One (xlr)
pre -> power MIT MI330 proline shotgun (xlr)
speakers cable: Harmonic Tech Pro 9
Look at a used pair of Clayton Audio M 70's. There is a used one listed on this sight at well within your budget. I can vouch for the product, but not the specific one listed.
If you could stretch a little you can pick up a demo Blue Circle BC26 for that money. Great power which the Dyns need and it is alost tube sounding in the midrange but has that ss slam in the bass. Call blue circle and they will sell you their demo unit with warranty! www.bluecirlce.com

I currently have the 4BST and I would buy the BC26 myself, alas they are out of my price range.
Best of luck