Which power amp?

At this moment I am looking for a proper 2nd hand power amp (balanced). One that would match well with my speakers PMC FB1i and as a streamer/pre-amp PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC + Bridge (Nordost red dawn speaker cable).

I have heard the Hegel H1 and it had power in the low frequencies that I really liked. But the highs seemed to be bright with metal music for instance (could be the Arcam CD192 cdplayer.

The Bryston 3B SST is a powerhouse but I am not sure if they on long term might give you listening fatigueness.

And then there is the Parasound A21, which is not very expensive, but has its flaws. I have never heard it.

The sound I am "looking for" is a very low bass response / deep bass / controlled+sweet top.

Any preferences?
The Bryston is not known for any 'hardness' or fatiguing characteristics...actually, quite the opposite. It's on the 'dry' side of the spectrum overall, but not at all hashy or problematic in the parts of music which can 'tear your head off'. Plus they have loads of slam.
Based on your 'what I'm looking for' description, I'd say that the Bryston might be right for you.
Also, as to your comment about the Arcam CD192...it's not known to be 'hard on top', it errs on the side of softness if anything. (I'm a real fan of Arcam since owning the A-60 a legendary integrated, and my first 'audiophile piece' back in 1978...The inside was signed off by all who completed tasks...workmanship of an extraordinary level I thought. LOVED IT!

Good luck!
Thanks Larry, I will take the Bryston in consideration. I guess it is really a matter of taste, because some folk say the Bryston might be too analytical and therefore it becomes a challenge in long sessions.

My current setup is A90 + CD 192 + DV 88 + T61, but I think my amp is not completely up to the task, as the FB1i's like more power.

For me the contenders are: Hegel H2a / Hegel H4a / Bryston 3B SST / Parasound A21.
I've owned the bryston 3bsst. It is a true powerhouse with an extremely powerful bottom end. I wouldn't describe it as bright or harsh at all. My problem was the bottom end was too powerful - I couldn't control it in my room. Bryston pre-amps - well that's another matter.

Maybe the 2bsst will do the job just as well for less.