Which plextor CD burner is good?

Do I need an expensive model to get good quality in cd burning? I have liteon dvd/cd burner - would I notice an improvement with a plextor?
What you NEED is a burner that passes ALL the info on a disc.
Some website somewhere (over a year ago when I studied this subject) actually lists exactly which drives can do every little thing.
Some drives cannot "do" certain types of functions. And to burn discs, you want one taht does it all.
I am certain the LitOn drives passed most of the tests. Because that is what I bought.
Go to a site like [H]ardForum to see what they say. Doing a search in the [H]ardforum will probably get you the page connection to the drives taht do or don't pass the tests.
Good luck.
And for better copies make certain you copy the CD to your harddrive, then burn it to disc. And run the process slower that top speed. I run mine at 8x only, both to copy and to burn.
And by the way, the free "Exact Audio Copy" works GREAT!!
better tahtn most ones you pay for.