Which player is rec. for my system??

Hey guys - I am running a 2 channel/HT- :Meridian 861v4 with a Full ATC surround system- I am looking to a cd player/transport- I am thinking of (used)- EMM, esoteric x-01 ltd. -Meridian 808 or 800- If anyone has any thoughts on synergy or sound that would be helpful- room is fully treated and calibrated- gary
FWIWIf you go with the Meridian 800 (v3 or 4) you will get DVD-A too FWIW and the two Meridian pieces connect via proprietary digital links and comms cable to allow then to sync up... Makes for a really nice system that will automatically set your pre/pro to your prefered sound for each type of disc... I use the 862 v4.2 with the G98DH and love the combo.

Just my 0.02.