Which phono section: Linn Linto or Bryston 1.5 ?

My practical choices for phono preamp are are two: Linn Linto or Bryston 1.5. The Benz Ruby 2 will be in an SME V arm and on an Orbe turntable. Levinson 383 and B&W 802 Nautilus. I haven't heard either of these phono sections. If anybody can shed any light on this subject, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
The Linto is great with Linn's Arkiv, for which it was desigmed. That's how I use it. and have no complaints. However, it offers ZERO flexibility. You cannot change the gain, the laoding, etc. So....for use with anything other than the Arkiv you might want a phoo pre with a bit more flexibility. If the Bryston gives you that (nt familiar with the unit). I'd say go for it.
What about the Benz-Lukaschek phono section? It was made for the high end Benz cartridges, and costs about the same as what you are asking about.
With your electronics, turntable and cartridge I would probably look onto Pass X ono or ARC PH3SE.
Bryston phono sections to me work no better than Nad PP1 or Creek OBH9 i.e. too far away from music.
Benz-PP1 is great if you want to get stuck with Benz cartridges which I can say are great.
I very much apreciate the feedback I'm getting. I still haven't decided if I'm going to get back into LPs. Currently I have no amp. Shortly I will have a ML 383 and a Sony SCD-1. I also have to decide if I will keep or sell my ML 360S. Simplicity went out the window a long time ago! Thanks to Audiogon, I can afford to play around a bit. Thank you Audiogon!
DB sytems at audiogon/.04 RIAA...no brainer
DB systems at Audioadvisor.com as well...transparent,huge soundstage...as good as the Lehman cube in my book....