Which phono preamplifier do you recommend?

I am looking for a phono preamp to help me return to the world of analogue.  What would you recommend?What do you think of your current phono preamp?
Price range? What's your table, cart, arm combo? I'm fond of my Manley Chinook. If you have more to spend, I hear the Allnic H1201 is really nice. At under $1k, I'd go with a Ray Samuel's Nighthawk F-117.
Anything by Tom Evans or EAR.  Clearaudio and Pass Labs are also great recommendations.

+1 For the Tom Evans, we had a big 10 phono stage shootout at one of our audio society meetings, it won out by a big way, the one came in second was along way behind.

Cheer George


Go to the Analog Room in your hood to at least get an idea of what you're getting into. Your cartridge and preamplifier will have a great deal to do with the range of gain you may require.

Beware, indoor cigar smoking takes place at the Room.

I own a Klyne 6PE and I think it's an option to consider, if you can find a used one (which should be under $1000, I believe).
Herron vtph 2 does kick ass but is out of the op's budget. If I were shopping in that range I would buy the bottlehead Eros at $700. In fact someone compared it to the vtph2 and it was only a whisker behind. I built the bottlehead Beepre and it is the best preamp I have ever heard with a few mods and some upgraded tubes. 
I think Sutherland makes really good ones around $1000 or less.  I have a PH3D and so far so good. I can't compare it to higher $$$ pre's because I have never owned one.
Tons of phono amps out there under a grand,,,and im no expert as I do digital most the time.Having said that I really like the new Jasmine 2.5du ,two piece unit,the build quality is fantastic.I upgraded the caps with Mundorf but into it for under $700 new.I liked it better than the Lehmann,Musical surroundings I tried.
For my money, the Sutherland at a kilobuck is hard to beat. The quietest background I have heard on a phono stage at or near this price. Very revealing and large soundstage with tube like sound, except it has more bottom end punch than tube phono stages.