Which Phono Preamp?

E.A.T. Glo S Petit, PS Audio Stellar Phono, or Pass Labs X-17?  
System is:

Pass Labs INT-60
VPI Classic 3 w/JMW 10.5 tonearm
Soundsmith Hyperion cartridge
Volti Audio Rival speakers
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The Herron is a fantastic choice...
EAT is essentially a rebadged pro-ject......why not just get the pro-ject tube box ds2....it’s great. Or buy a tavish design the classic, vintage, or adagio....I own the classic, also great...installed all nos vintage tubes.
The Abacus phono pre is the finest there is, bar none. 
Project Phono Box RS:
Dual mono settings (bank for each channel)Capacitance down to 100MM or MC3 gain settingsOptional battery power supply After market power supplies availableVery quiet 
Very detailed
None of those.
Get the vdH Grail SB and run your TT fully balanced into it and through the rest of the system.
This is at least the equal of all other high-end phonos and hardly known to anyone here.
Borrow one and try it at home.  I did and that's my only connection with the brand, save having bought four vdH cartridges.