Which phono pre with CJ Premier 14/Linn/Devore

I need a phono preamp to hook up a Linn LP12 with the following system: Devore Super 8s/CJ Premier 14 pre/CJ Premier 12 mono block amps. I've heard terrible things about the CJ Premier 15 pre, even thought it's supposed to match. I'm interested in hearing about relevant experiences and recommendations. The music is all classical and jazz.
My ASR Basis Exclusive 2006 is playing some pretty incredible orchestral music right now (my wife just commented!) and it really sings with jazz. Very neutral which I think would fit in with your system nicely. They pop up used occasionally here.
I also hit a matching problem, when an unmodified Stereo 70 sounded better with the CJ PV-6 preamp than their so-called matching amplifier CJ MV-75(?). I'm not sure that is relevant to your situation, other than maybe looking to see if the Premier 15 pre actually matches your Premier 12 better than the Premier 14 does, before spending money on it.
I really enjoyed the cj 15 mated to cj 8 a's and a cj 16ls. The downside was that you have to open it up to make output adjustments for cartridge changes. Otherwise it is an awesome phono stage.