Which Peachtree Amp to use with D5 speakers?


I currently run my Peachtree D5 speakers as part of a surround system...but I was considering breaking them off and using them with an integrated amp.....perhaps one from Peachtree....but I can't decide which one. I emailed Peachtree and they suggested either the Nova125 or Nova220 (i.e. either 125 or 220 wpc). However, they sell the D5's on their website with the Nova65 system...and I found an article with Peachtree running the D5's with Decco65 (at the The 2012 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest). Another extensive review ran the Nova (also about 65 wpc) with the D5 and a slew of other much larger speakers and they it fared very well. 

I'm somewhat budget conscious...hoping to pick a system up here hopefully. I certainly don't want to overspend. Anyone else have any experience with Peachtree amps and the D5's?