which output from SONOS to outboard DAC?

I've decided to get an outboard DAC to use with my SONOS ZP90. Generally, do folks find the Digital Coax out, or the TOSlink out to be the better way to connect a ZP90 to a DAC?

Thank you!
Digital Coax sounds better than Toslink.

In my experience, coax.
neither are stupendous on the stock unit, but most feel the coax is best. I felt the Toslink gave a bit mellower tone if you are into that while the coax was a little more detailed.

If you have a few bucks to spend, consider one of the modifications available for it that will put it on par with better CD transports (Cullen Circuits, Emperical Audio Pace Car, etc). I did a Cullen mod on mine and have never had cause to fire up my CD player again.
Thanks all for your responses. Always appreciate your thoughtful advice, Shazam!

Actually this is a stop-gap measure until I get my PerfectWave DAC and then, the Bridge/Lens that will make it a music server.
I did the modded ZP-80 to several outboard DAC's with the hope that it would compete with my CDP. It did not.

My PWT/PWD are broken in now and I am extremely pleased with their performance.

I too am very anxiously waiting for The Bridge. Assuming that ripped music will sound as good as my cd's do, I will be one happy camper.

...definately worth the wait.

I'm using the PWD with my moded sonos as a stop gap as well. Not as good as using the PWT or a high end CD player, but almost as good and way more convenient. I'm hoping PS Audio takes a page out of the Sonos playbook and builds a good iPhone/iTouch app to use with the bridge. Especially if the rumors of the tablet iTouch are to be believed (think iTouch with a 12 inch screen).
I do sonos digital out to coax to Musical fidelity Trivista DAC, sounds better than my stand alone CD player.
I'm running Sonos--->Genesis Digital Lens--->AN 3.1X Signiture.

The difference of adding the Lens was a major improvement. I suspect that reclocking the Sonos internaly would be as well, but the Lens was less money than the mod, and allows me now to run several digital sources into the same DAC.

John C.

Seems like we are roughly in the same phase of our "audiophile journey" LOL!

Prior to getting the PWD, I was outputting the stock SONOS to a fully modded TAD pre-amp to a fully modded Cayin TA-30 (mods by Paul G of Tube Audio Design). I have about 100 hours on the PWD, and have now bypassed the TAD pre-amp and have it connected directly to the TA-30 (volume on TA-30 set full). So far, I think I kinda like the old setup better--helluva thing to say after buying a $3000 DAC! Could be that my ears grew up on tubes and this new sound is just too mmm..... crisp? I find the same to be true when patching in my CD player to the PWD. For example, drums sound overly synthesized. Not sure where I go from here. I guess I could re-introduce the TAD pre back into the mix, but that sure is a whole lotta stuff in the chain.
Mikewdc, you might try a power conditioner. A Running Springs Audio unit removed that edginess for me.
Mike, try hooking up a different source to your PWD to see if it is truly what introduced the brightness to your system or if it is simply the Sonos unfiltered that you are noticing. The stock Sonos has a lot of hash to it that can come across as being very bright.

If you don't have a decent CD transport, use your laptop via the USB (which I feel is a better connection than the Coax on the PWD) - a half decent cable from your local Best Buy is all you really need to see if it makes a difference. You can even download a hi-rez album or two from HD Tracks to hear full capabilities of the PWD. I like the Chesky collection myself.

Good luck.