which output for best sound/cd/monitor/dvd

just heard that the quality if my transport could be better than just using the regular cd function on my reciever. thanks
You only have 2 choices when it comes to connecting your CD/DVD player to your rig: analog or digital.

The analog inputs (usually marked as CD or DVD on the receiver) take the sound from the player *after* it has been converted to analog by the player. This means that the CD/DVD player is doing the digital to analog conversion (DAC).

The digital inputs, either coax or Toslink, take the signal from the CD/DVD player *before* the player has converted it, it's a pure digital signal. Your receiver's DACs then convert the digital signal to analog.

The bottom line is that you need to determine which piece of equipment has the better DACs, player or receiver? You can A-B them by connecting the player using both types and then switch back and forth using your remote. Be sure to match the sound levels - the digital will be fixed, the analog should be variable. Adjust the analog signal level until it matches the digital's volume.

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