Which Oppo to get?

I got an Oppo 970 about a year ago for audio use but have now moved it to the tv. I'm looking to get another one just for audio use and wanted to know if there are any other Oppo's that are better for audio than the 970?

The Oppo is not getting much use with the tv, so maybe I should get a cheaper DVD player and reclaim the Oppo for audio use?
insert the word "supposedly" liberally below:

980 is an audio unit that happens to upconvert DVDs
981 is a video unit that happens to play SACD/DVD-A's
983 has the best of both worlds, and priced accordingly

Google the 980 unit and you'll find plenty of discussions about its audio capabilities and potentials.

I have a 981 hooked up to a DAC. Although one can play SACD via its analog output, the unit by itself without a DAC is just lacking at the top and bottom ends.
I set up a 981 with an Assemblage 2.0 modified DAC for a friend and it was very respectable. As a stand alone it is only tolerable for 2 channel. Bright, a bit thin with wandering bass. But for 2 bills, just what do you expect?
You might wait on the Blu-ray version, due out soon, to use with the TV and move you 970 back to the two-channel system. An good external DAC will likely improve greatly on the Oppo's digitalis.

The Blu Ray Oppo is going to be a "high end" unit for them, and pricing is rumored to be around the 600-700 range. For Oppo, that's a lot more than their usual asking price, but I expect great things- especially on the video side.
I am not sure about others buy my 981 skips the first second of songs on many CD and DVD-Audio discs (never SACD though). I emailed their techs and they are aware and it seems as a fix is not coming anytime soon. It is highly annoying when listening to discs with continuous music. I asked if the problem would exist with a DAC and was told it might. I would steer clear of the 981 and I have heard the 980s can do this as well. Great DVD player though, I might keep it for the guest room/bedroom TV (though it will not see much use).
I use the Oppo 970 as well. It is a fine unit for $150 ( now discontinued) The 980 is about the same that Oppo improved DSP functions. When both where available at the same time the Absolute Sound thought the 970 was better and the 980 a bit harsh. YMMV.

Either unit as a stand alone cdp can be betterd by a $300-500 cd player. As a transport with a Benchmark DAC1 it is spectacular.

I use my Oppo for movies and music because the DAC makes music sound world class. With the DAC I can now wait for a good BluRay player and still have world class sound.
Does Oppo OEM their transport from somewhere? or do they make their own?

I can't see how their audio (analog and DSP) section is that much better than another $300-$500 player given the price point and the focus on the video. Unless they have some magical tricks in the transport and jitter reduction side.

Granted I haven't listened to one. I'll be interested in picking up the blu-ray one in the future though.
Oppo told me that the DSP programming is outputed in the digital out, unless you use "raw" setting, which not all material can be converted with an outboard dac. They modified the DSP a bit on the newer 980, but it is not as smooth as the 970 with analogue outputs. I have no experience with the 980.

As far as the analogue outputs of an Oppo for cds, I felt it was decent but not great, but then it is only $150. That is why I bought a dac, and now I can wait for the next generation of BluRay players for movies and use my DAC for sound.