Which OPPO?

Might be time to upgrade my years old Sony blu ray. We watch one or two movies weekly and lately, the Sony completely freezes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours into a movie, needing a complete reboot (pulling the plug) to restart and then click to where we left off....aggravating!

Been thinking about an Oppo for a while, but how much better are the latest ones as opposed to the 103 which can be had for around $500. It will be hooked to plasma tv, Sonus Faber Toy Towers, Nad 326 BEE integrated amp. It will rarely be used for just playing music, tv and movies only. Is there any need to move to the new 105 at more than twice the cost?

Thanks in advance for your input.
That is an interesting question! What blu ray player does the best job of down mixing the multichannel track into two channel stereo... while keeping the voice image proper!

You probably also want a blue ray player that will give you top notch streaming features through wifi or Ethernet. (IE a menu system that you can tolerate to surf etc.)

My understanding is that the dual dacs of the 105 are only used when you feed it two channel stereo content.... so the 103 would be the most you would need. Is the 103 overkill in your situation... another good question..

should be an interesting thread (lots of family have the same needs)
No. The 103 is fine for your use.
Completely agree, 103 is just perfect for your needs.
No need for any more posts, 103 and you'll be in heaven.
Thanks for the comments!
We also do have an apple tv hooked to this if we want to stream some music or netflixs as well.
Happy to hear that the 103 would be just fine!
You won't need the apple if you have the 103. Streaming is great. Netflix is ok but I honestly don't mind paying for vudu with high def and amazing video/audio quality. My 103 is amazing!
For streaming, Apple has a much better choice of movies than Netflix. We use our Apple TV for both services and it works great. Does Oppo have access to sites other than Netflix?
Well we got the 103 and it makes a great difference - very nice machine!

We got everything set up and it is working well with playing movies, dvd's and cd's. We have the network hooked up, but strangely when we try to stream music from the internet via logtitech media server, it all loads up and when you hit play for an artist it just keeps scrolling down the playlist and won't actually stop and play a song. What am I missing here?
Not quite sure since I don't stream my 103 as of yet (very lazy) but the customer service at OPPO is second to none and they'll walk you through it. Just call them.

All the best,
Thanks Nonoise - should have thought of that myself - it's weird though because the system streams just fine through the apple tv....
hard when you can't quite get to the back of things without dragging components out of cabinet - i swear next time I'm getting tv rack with casters!
You might also consider a used BDP93 or even an 83. I've got an Oppo-modded 83 and a 93 (I have a Meridian front end so I don't need the upgraded DACs). I've read (but have not tested) that the 83 does better upscaling than the 93/95. That being said - if saving $100-$200 isn't the key then I'd go for the 103 (truth be told I'm thinking of selling the 93...)

Just a thought if $$ are tight. Any Oppo represents solid value IMHO - I've owned an Oppo since the early BDP-83's.