Which ones should I choose? Tannoy Kensington Gr or B&W 804 D4

Dear Bro,

I'm in a dilemma about which speakers I should take, Tannoy Kensington Gr or B&W 804 D4? I dont have chance to audition those brands at the same dealer so plz give some advices. I'm going to pair speakers with MC 8900. My room is about 19 sqm (3.5m x 5.5m).

One more thing, are Turnberry Gr Speakers much difference from Kensington Gr.

Thank you very much



Always best to audition however possible but in lieu of that I would be biased towards the  Tannoy.

With the McIntosh MC 8900 the B+W may well the better choice. The BW's can be a bit bright, the Tannoy's are definitely too dull. Each of these speakers may also appeal or not to the interior decider. Personally my wife hates both. Each is challenging, the 804's look like granddad died and left them in his will, the B+W look like a Dalek mated with a set of traffic lights. Better by far at this price than either, they look great (optional finishes to suit most), stunning soundstage (better than either), bright enough to complement the Mac, are Audio Physic Codex or Midex.