which one would you get?

Okay, there is no way to a/b these, so I am just looking for a straight opinion...www.Audioadvisor.com is offering an AMC CD8B for 199. and a Cambridge Audio D300 for 175. I really can't afford much more than this for a cd player, so which one would you recommend. They offer a 30 day $ back guarantee, so I can try the other if it doesn't work out. Still, I'd like to make the correct pick to start. After reading the specs on their site and the reviews on Audioreview,I am leaning toward the AMC with the Burr-Brown 24/96. Any advice?
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The D300 has a Crystal 24/96 DAC, so they are both 24bit players. If you get the Cambridge I recommend you use a better power cord than the cheap one that comes with it. It does not have to be anything fancy, even a standard black 14 AWG cord from the computer or hardware store would be an improvement. Much tighter bass. On AudiogoN, one of those $50 absolute cords would work. Also search the classifieds.

I have never heard the CD8B, but have read it is an improvement over the old CD8.

Have you thought about buying both and returning the one you do not prefer? In 30 days if you time it right, the credit would hit your Visa/Mastercard before you had to pay it.

I don't know about the D300se, but the D300 did not play CDRs. If this is something you want to be able to do, you might want to contact AA and ask about the units your considering.