I am new at this. That said - I just purchased a pair of mint, Dahlquist 30 speakers. I like them a lot. But I have an ONKYO 80 watt receiver, (purchased somewhere around 1995) that is not 4 ohm stable - and these speakers seem to want a lot of power.
I would also like to add a powered sub; and the ONKYO does not support a powered sub.
I usually play music. But I also use this for home theater.
I really do not care about surround sound and other types of home theater sound processing. However, I really need a remote. I also have an IPOD dock that I play via the aux input.
Does anyone have a recommendation regarding what to do:
Should I buy:
- an amp and preamp?
- or a 4 ohm stable, multichannel receiver for home theater? Is there such a thing?

OH, and one more thing. I have two kids in college, living the dream. So, an indication of cost would also be helpful.

I really appreciate any, and all input, as I am really confused. I am not even sure what questions to ask and how to problem solve this.
Thank you everyone in advance,
I would look at NAD integrated amps. The newer ones have an ipod dock, sub out and plenty of power options. An NAD rated at 80 watts will out power your onkyo and will drive the speakers you want. You can save some money buying used. Look for some audio reviews on google.
You need a modern AVR. I don't know anything about your speakers but anything rated at 100 watts in the front channels will drive virtually any speaker out there. Most of them come with ipod docks. If you are really worried about power go for a higher rating. Excellent AVRS can be had for $400 and up from the aforementioned NAD, Pioneer, Onkyo, and Marantz. If you don't need 3-D
then that opens up a lot more choices and value. If you don't need HDMI then you can get great used AVRS from 2003-2006 era for next to nothing and buy a seperate ipod dock for around $150.00
There is the Outlaw RR2150 on sale these days for $600. Think of a modern take on an old school 2 channel receiver.

NAD integrates are good, as well as amps from Emotiva and XTZ.


Greetings! Quick answers to your questions: many AVR will not be stable into 4 ohm speakers. Unless an AVR specifically says it is, that AVR is not stable into 4 ohms. In terms of receivers that likely are stable, look to Anthem, NAD as previously mentioned, Pioneer, or Cambridge audio. Be prepared to target $1,200-$2,000 reatail. Also see if you can pickup the last issue of Home Theater magazine (They have the August issue dedicated to AVRs).

Each of those brands have great raw power and should give you what you are looking for. All will have an AUX for an iPod dock or direct USB integration.

I think you willbe very satisfied with any of those choices. They are great brands that build solid equipment with an emphasis on audio quality.
You don't need separates. On a budget an integrated amp is definitely the most bang for the buck. If you could swing around 1000 a used integrated like the Creek Destiny or Sim Audio i5.3 would be a cornerstone of a great sounding system. There are plenty of great sounding integrated amps out there. I haven't tried them all but in all my experiments I've never really heard great sound with sub 500 integrated amps. I've tried the Outlaw and cheaper NADs and Creeks and while they sound good they just don't quite do it at least for me. Money invested in some decent amplification will be the best money you will spend on your system.
Not sure of the specs on your speakers, but sounds like you need an amp with a decent power supply to handle a relatively low impedance load. Like Internetmin I'd be suspect that an AVR can handle it, or handle it and sound good, unless you spend some $$$. And you'd be buying a bunch of features and extra channels of amplification you don't seem to need or want.

Ejlif had a good suggestion with an integrated amp, but likely won't have a sub out that you seem to want. I'd look for a good stereo amp (I'm assuming you're only driving two channels since you made no mention of a center speaker) and a good used pre/pro. This should meet your needs and sound better than most AVRs in the process. If you don't need HDMI inputs there are a couple B&K Ref30s and an Acurus ACT3 that can do everything you're looking for and can probably be had for about $250. Emotiva has been getting very nice reviews on their amps, and this stereo amp puts out 125W into 8Ohms and 200W into 4Ohms and is only $350 new.


For the money I think one of these combos would meet your needs and sound much better than any comparably-priced AVR. Hope this helps and best of luck.
There are lots of good subwoofers that offer speaker-level inputs in addition to the more common line-level inputs. Using one of them eliminates the need to have a pre-out from the amp. Investigate REL, HSU, Mirage and others.
If you can handle +/-$1500 (new on E-bay), the Harman Kardan HK990 integrated amp might be the best answer. It's a 2.2 channel integrated w/150 wpc from a high quality power amp section derived from a Matti Otala (Citation, Electrocompaniet) design. It also includes the digital bass management (x-over, etc.) and digital room correction features that are more typically seen in multi-channel AVRs.

Another choice comes from NAD, which has just introduced its own version (sorry, don't know the model #) of a 2.2 channel integrated with digital bass management. However, it looks like their version lacks the auto- room correction (I think it offers manually operated digital EQ, it wasn't 100% clear from the info I saw) and will cost +/- $1K more, since the list price is app $500 higher and it isn't yet discounted (AFAIK).

you guys rock. I have a lot of great ideas and things to check.
Thank Huge, everyone.