Which one of these is the best 10" full-range coaxial speaker?

HI there and thanks for allowing me to be a part of this forum.

I am a novice when it comes to speakers and wanted your opinion on the below speakers for my application. First, this will be for my daughter who is a street performer. Her rig consists of a Casio PX5S keyboard, Ovation Elite TX acoustic/electric, Country man (Shure) mic/headset and an Alpine KTX 445U head unit with all of the aforesaid run off of a 12VDC 75AH battery pack.  Her two speaker cabinets are custom built omni-directional (pointing up towards a cone wich shoots out sound 360 degrees) cabinets requiring one 10" full-range speaker per cabinet. 

I had a slick salesman sell me Audio Nirvana Classic 10" full-range speakers which turned out to be crap for my application. So now I am in the market for two 10" full-range speakers for live sound. The following list is what I've found but knowing that most companies fudge on specs and most don't list specs that novices such as myself can understand such as a frequency response with a +/- 3dB amplitude tolerance, I thought I better come here and ask the professionals. Here is what I have found so far in no specif order of preference...


Radian (only speaker completely made in USA to my knowledge)



Seismic Audio

All of the above I can buy for about USD $300 or less per speaker ($600/pair) with exception of the Seismic Audio which are about $100 per speaker (probably made in China).

As a novice looking at the above speakers at first glance it appears the Beyma or Radian are my best choice. And, they both have an extra advantage in that I can pick them up locally here in Los Angeles without shipping charges. I have never heard of Radian but it turns out that they are high-end and have actually beating out JBL in many instances (I had to go to German websites and translate to English to find this out). Also, of all the above speakers, Radian is the only speaker that says it was designed for live sound. 

Can anyone give me an opinion as to which 10" speaker above will be besdt for my application or point me to another speaker? But again, I am confined to a 10" size because of my omni-directional speaker cabinets. 

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


Also, I forgot to ask an additional question....Do you think for my application I will need to utilize a crossover as both the Beyma and Radian offer crossovers for their respective full-range 10" coaxial speakers?  Thanks again! 
Hi Jtay,

You are in the wrong place. :) Go over to the DIY audio forums where you'll find lots of speaker designers. It's also nice because you can upload pictures, schematics, etc in discussions:



For your convenience here are some links for the above speakers:


B and C:

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Please do not apologize. :) I didn’t mean you were not welcome. I meant, you’ll find a lot more speaker making geeks over at DIY forums who will have a lot of ideas for you there, than in Audiogon. :)

You are always welcome as far as I am concerned.



Thank you for the advice. Since you are open to the idea of me leaving my question here, maybe someone here may render a valuable opinion :)
Oh, you can ask anywhere you'd like, I don't own Audiogon.

It is also easier to talk tech at DIY since you can upload schematics, pictures and design data.


All I want to know is which is the best 10" coaxial speaker for live sound in the opinion of those who are familiar with the aforesaid brand names. Don't really need any build advice which is why I posted here in lieu of the DIY forum. I liked the fact that this forum was specific to speakers in-line with my question which is how I found it via a Google search.

Thanks again, and Happy 4th of July week.  
99% of speaker discussions on Audiogon are for residential, pre-made speakers.

99% of the discussions on DIY are about speaker drivers and components.