Which one is the best INTEGRATED!!

My system 
Focal speaker
Esoteric source

I am going to buy a new one but I am not sure about them all which one I should buy.

Here is my integrated list
Karan KA I180 MK2
Accuphase E650, 600
Jeff Rowland Con S2
Burmester 082
Pass labs INT250
Audio Research VSi75
Gryphon Diablo300

I would definitely say the Gryphon Diablo, I know it well and will say that it would be a great middle for your source and speakers. I have heard it with the Esoteric 3 box system and Gryphon Pantheon speakers awesome is the only word I can come up with. It can also handle any kind of music you care to throw at it.
+1 jim204.

@loreaor, if you take the time to read the Audiogon Forum below it should answer all your questions plus some.
You did not state your budget  his loud you play ,speaker efficiency.

Fm acoustics , Ensemble -Swiss made great and priced under $10k, Audio Archon.sells Ensemble., 
I’m in the same spot.   I have Focal Sopra 3s and just ordered a Gryphon Diablo 300.  Should be here in a few weeks.   I’ll let you know how it sounds.   Hopefully there is good synergy.
I'll take Gamut D150i over most of the ones mentioned.
Add Bel Canto Design Black EX ACI600. 
I'm not a intergrated guy buy if I were I would at least look at the McIntosh MAC8900. 300watts per channel. All the connectivity you will ever need. A Swiss Army knife of a Intergrated. MC and MM phono. Plus when you want to move on easy the sell and holds its value.
The Rogers EHF-200 is a great sounding thing I've actually heard, and I know somebody who has one and digs it. Lifetime guarantee, made with fancy parts, and looks like an old toaster. Expensive, but life is short.
Why no mention of Mark Levinson? I have 532h amp and it is Class A rated, I love it as it sounds very good and buttery smooth vocals.  I have read and talked to people that think their Integrated amps are excellent, very highly rated. 

DarTZeel is the best I've ever heard. 

For tube, I believe Vac is updating their Sigma.
Well, for more fun I'll mention Ypsilon and Absolare. I won't mention Kondo.
Dartzeel CTH-8550 as cited above. Have seen one or two used ones for sale in the 10-12k range. Built to outlive us all. 
I don't see how people can make recommendations based upon the info presented.  You don't know what Focal loudspeaker he has and the list of integrated span 30w to 300w.  Nor are any sonic preferences stated.  We also don't know where he is so we don't know what kind of manufacturer/distributor support is available.  Do any of the above posters really think they helped this person?
Based on the lack of information provided by the OP I think he probably has more information than he had originally however you bring up some very good points. I guess the same could be said for all the guys that ask open ended questions with out all the facts we need.
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Interesting that you used the word "best". My best is probably different to your best. At his price point, I don't think there is a "best" integrated. Just what suits you. They all have slightly different sound and different capabilities in terms of  connectives, Dac integration, AV bypass, balanced and unbalanced inputs, ability to drive low Independence. 

Listen to as many as you can and let you ears be the judge. I am biased of course - as an owner of the Diablo 300 with added Dac option. However, I do one more to be added to you audition list:





Monoandstereo.com has both the Analog ISIS and Diablo 300 reviews and the author prefers the ISIS even though Diablo has won heaps of rewards.  Just goes to show everyone is different.
The best integrated is, of course, the one I mentioned.
I prefer the one is Class A integrated amp.
The Belles Virtuoso Integrated. About to be released in March. Cost is at $6500.00. David Belles is a rare genius in high end audio. You will be hard pressed to find any integrated on planet earth at $20K or below that even comes close to Belles. The richest, most musical solid state designs currently in the U.S.A. Will get you closer to the magical quality of 
tubes without the maintenance of tubes more than any other solid state amp. The quality of parts are rare to find anywhere in his designs and his phono boards are absurdly state of the art and sound so good you will never even think about an outboard phono preamp. I recently sold my latest audio system and will be purchasing the Virtuoso this March and will match it up with speakers such as certain SE models from Tekton or the D9 from Spendor, but I am leaning heavily towards Spendor given their reputation and sound quality during the past 40+ years. The D9 is very neutral and sound is towards the lean side and matches up very well with gear on the warm side which Belles is known for. 
Check out the Belles Virtuoso on their site at www.powermodules.com 
Very powerful unit putting out over 200 watts per side into 8 ohms.
American made to the highest standards.
Accuphase E650 or Pathos Inpol Heritage? Speakers are Focal Scala
Great choices you've listed. Don't make a choice until you listen to the Accuphase. About 99% of people on this forum have never heard one. I can help guide you on how to get good pricing. 
Accuphase E650:

Output (rms): 150 W/1 Ω | 120 W/2 Ω | 60 W/4 Ω | 30 W/8 Ω
Total Harmonic Distortion
(both channels simultaneously, FR 20-20 000 Hz): 0.03%
IM distortion: 0.01% 
Frequency range (line input and Power In): 
20-20 000 Hz (+0/–0,5 dB), @ full power; 3-150 000 Hz (+0/–3 dB), @ 1 W
Damping factor: 800 (8 Ω)
Tone control: 
BASS: 300 Hz/10 dB (50 Hz) | TREBLE: 3 kHz/10 dB (20 kHz)
Loudness: +6 dB (100 Hz)
S/N (A -weighted:  RCA input: 102 dB | power in: 117 dB
Power consumption: 168 W (idle) | 290 W (max.)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 465x191x428 mm
Weight: 25.3 kg

 Pathos Inpol Heritage:

Type: Reference stereo integrated
Amplifier: Pure class A
Technology: double INPOL fully bal
Tubes: ECC803S tung-sol, 6H30 Sovtek
Output power: 2 x 80W @8 Ohm
Freq response: 2Hz–200KHz ±0.5db
Max input voltage: 10VRMS
Input sensitivity: 780mVRMS
Input impedance: 20KOhm
Vol regulate: purely resistive relays
THD: 0.1% @ 80W, SNR > 100dB
Gain: 33dB Unbal, 39dB Balanced

Analog In: 2 bal XRL, 4 unbal RCA
(HiDac required for below inputs)
USB: USB port type “B”
SPDIF: coaxial, Optical
Ethernet: RJ45
USB: 3x port type “A”
Preout: Stereo Unbal RCA, Bal XLR
Gain: selectable in 4 positions
Headphone: 6.3mm jack connector

Dimensions (DWH): 555 x 450 x 230mm
Net Weight: 58Kg

@donjr I think the biggest problem with Accuphase in general is the price. The msrp of both Accuphase and Pathos currently is around $13-14k (but cannot be sure, also depends on the features selected). E650 is only 30W in 8ohm, but I live in a condo so that may not be an issue (except if we take into account the impact of the "reserve factor" on sound). Listening these amps where I live is next to impossible. Which route would you recommend in terms of pricing for E650? Thanks
@fiza do you have an Accuphase dealer within driving distance to your home? I certainly wouldn't buy an amp without hearing it first, especially in this price range. If you get a chance to hear one then the shop already has it. If that's the case they have to eventually sell it. I saved $6k off MSRP by purchasing a demo. If for some reason you are able to hear it but your shop doesn't have one, first off you tell them you're interested but not for msrp. Ask them if they're willing to contact the distributor to see if you can further work out a deal where you jump on a big order. You can save a lot of money if your equipment is shipped with a larger order. I did this with the DP-430 CDP which I ordered in November but will not be getting until next week. My dealer actually ordered 2 of them and a E-270 which further lowered my cost and his as well. In a nut shell, you have to get the dealer to work for you. If they don't they're not a good dealer and buy something else. You have to be a little patient because Accuphase doesn't have these amps piled up in a warehouse for 110 voltage. I would say with the list of contenders you have here, the world is your oyster. I love my E-600 but I was able to listen to it and was offered a great deal on it. If you end up listening to an Accuphase and have to have it but can't get your hands on one, let me know. You have an amazing list of amplifiers and I don't t think you could go wrong with any of them. 
List is missing Ayre AX-5 Twenty
I've only heard it once and not the DHT version. I've talked to a number of owners that love them. Does the Vinnie Rossi LlO belong on the list.
Luxman and ML should definitely be considered w Dartzeel way up there.
Also also the new Krell integrated. I expect that it’s very good. 
I have had a Audio Research GSi75 in my house for a little over two weeks. The phono section is wonderful, DAC is really good, and a built in headphone amp. I couldn't be happier with my choice. 
B&W 804D3 
Cambridge Audio 851N Streamer
Yamaha YP-D71 turntable -w- Audio Technica AT150MLX
 Well, I see that it is not going to stop. This is best, no, no this is best, no, no.... Sure there are a ton of good choices, but with the lack more needed information, we are all just shooting in the dark, with silver bullets, of course.
So I’m going Esoteric F05 A/B amp but you could go F03 type A @30W or the Grandioso...they say once heard you can’t unlisten 🤠
Which one is the best INTEGRATED!!
With Focal speaker

No contest, Gryphon Diablo300.
Especially with Focals, they are all known to have bass impedance/-phase angle load that is difficult to get the very best out of, the others may still sound great, but the Gryphon with ace it top to bottom.

Cheers George
CH Precision certainly makes one of, "the best", far as SS integrateds, on a budget: https://www.ch-precision.com/en/products/power/i1 Here’s another option for, "the best" far as SS, with a higher budget: https://soulution-audio.com/series5/soulution-530-integrated-amplifier/ (though, you’re money’s certainly not going toward aesthetics, unless you’re into large cubes)!