Which one is better, streamer pro or DL III?

I have a 27" i7 iMac and Dynaudio BM5A II speakers and look for a DAC. Which one is better, HRT music streamer Pro or PS Audio DL III? I heard usb part of PS audio DL III is not that good. How about its Toslink input with iMac comparing with streamer Pro?

If you think something else at same price range is better, please suggest.

I think I'd go for the Arcam rDAC at this range.
Toslink through any DAC will not sound as good as asychronous USB through the HRT DAC. FWIW, I'm using a HRT Musicstreamer II+ from my MacBook Pro and find it sounds excellent.
Sorry but the toslink vs. USB statement above is an opinion, not a fact.

Out of a Mac, a glass toslink like Van Ven Hul Optocoupler into many Dacs sounds as good...sometimes better, than USB.

Having owned many dacs and tried both approaches, I find comments that denigrate toslink to be entertaining but not entirely accurate.
Thanks for arguing against the general consensus, Dan.
Always happy to challenge blanket statements that infer that those in disagreement are less enlightened. I stated my opinion based on experience with many Dacs- including the one you own. You seem offended that I challenged your statement and I meant no offense.
The PS Audio DLIII is a very good dac. Especially considering you can buy a used one for around $500 and a new one for not much more. It is a very solid piece of equipment with a very low noise floor and an excellent output stage. No opamps. In my setup it outperformed the Peachtree Nova when used as a dac. The build quality is top notch for this price range.

I'm currently using a stock PS Audio DLIII with a m2tech hiface connected to a mac mini and the sound is very good. Very low noise floor, detailed and not overly bright or harsh. I wouldn't say it sounds like analog, only analog sounds like analog. I definitely prefer the hiface/coax combo compared to using a glass toslink from the mac to the dac. To be honest, I used a glass toslink with a mini adapter for the comparison, so I will reevaluate when I have a cable properly terminated for the mac mini. As someone else mentioned, The Van den Hul optocoupler is not a glass toslink, but that doesn't make it a bad cable.