Which one is best..

I am in a dilemma. What amplifier is the "best"
for Music and HT:
Arcam FMJ P7. -- Proceed AMP5 -- Bryston 9 BSST
These are all good. You will be happy with any of them. So search for the best deal for you. The Proceed and Bryston have balanced inputs which is an advantage. The Bryston has a 20 year warrenty. Specifications are all very similar.
Depends on your room, and speakers.
My speakers Jm Lab Diva Utopia be..
Please could you expand your opinion a little more now you
know my speakers.
I have to take a decision with any of the above amplifiers.
Can't comment on the Arcam, I've heard them but not in my system so I will only say they seem pretty close to the Proceed but not quite as distinct (again not in my system so could be dependent on so much else)

As for the Proceed, I've owned most amps they have made at ne time or another, and have had Bryston's for a short time. The two are completely different animals to my ears. The Proceed is very neutral with great resolution, while I find the Bryston to be rough in the upper end, though great bass, the highs always turned me off to them. To me ear the Proceed is a far superior amp.
What do you think about the synergy between AMP5 and
the Jm Lab Diva Utopia speakers?
You'll need to hear it for yourself, but I suspect it would work well together.
Thank you Kennyt.
You have been very helpful.
Other people have an agreement with you.