Which One Do I Have To Have?

Fellow audio lovers,
I am putting together a new home theater and would like to incorporate some form of power conditioning or voltage stabilization to my new system. I have two questions, firstly which one would be "better" to get?, the new cabinet for the system really allows me "one extra" shelf, and secondly will I really see or hear a difference? My system will also include a plasma display as my video,as for audio I have a Krell TAS Amplifier,Krell Showcase Processor,Krell DVD Standard,Krell SACD Standard,and a good old Marantz 5100 VCR .I thank you in advance for your help.
If I understand you correctly, you are contemplating between a power conditioner and a system cabinet. Before I got my Monster Powerbar 2100, I was using well insulated cables for my analog signal from my cable company. There was some snow effect. When I received my power conditioner, it seems that the AC noise gotten filtered, thus, no more snow effect. Similar to your case, I don't have enough shelf on my audio rack. Hence, I hang the Powerbar on the wall next to the rack. You can always use something better than the Powerbar for your audio gears. In my case, picture quality was the top priority since so much money was spent on the plasma.
I'd think about running a dedicated circuit for the Marantz piece :^)
I've got the Monster 5100 power center in my HT. All I can tell you is that, for me, it improved picture quality tremendously. I was quite surprised at the improvement. I expected some, but nowhere near as much as I got. It didn't seem to help the sound as much, though. Just don't even think about plugging an amp into it. That WILL affect the sound, and it won't be good.
THANK YOU for the responses,it's forums like this,hearing from other members that you get the truth unsolicited. If I didn't explain myself before, I simply have one shelf left in entertainment center I had made and waited forever to get. I thought that "voltage stabilizers","line conditioners" were a lot of hype,but through responses of other members maybe that is not the case. I am trying to combine a 'good home theater" balanced with room aesthetics which we all know is hard to do at times "WAF". I originally thought I was going to keep my old Marantz 14EX reciever, and not go the separates way,BUT I DID thus losing another shelf "amp + processor" vs "receiver", so your responses are very valuable to me since "shelf space" is at a premium. I could throw out the TIVO and satellite reciever and use rabbit ears and free up two more shelfs!
Hi again, obviously I was just joking in my earlier post. Have you thought about dedicated circuits for all your stuff? Getting good voltage and isolating things like neutral and ground noise may help more than what your thinking of doing.

Personally I sold two pricy power conditioners after discovering the power of dedicated circuits. I use six total. One for my plasma and one per component.

Food for thought :^)