Which one box Headphone AMP/DAC combo?

Currently I'm using a Schiit Audio Lyr amp paired with my beloved Hifiman HE-500 headphones. I'm listening to CD's SACD's,HDCD's and DVD audio thru a Modded Oppo 103 from the Upgrade Co. I'm considering a better DAC then whats inside the Oppo 103. I would prefer to have the AMP and DAC together in one enclosure, which would mean less cabling and I still would be able to listen to all those formats. I do not want to use the Oppo as a transport. Any suggestion's would be appreciated.
The Burson "Conducter" looks interesting. My price range is under $2000 and I listen to everything but RAP and Heavy Metal. Thanks
Obviously, you have many choices. You should at least consider one of the Benchmark DAC/headphone amp products. They have been well reviewed, transparent, versatile and in your price range.
YEs, BEnchmark hard to argue with.
Benchmark headphone amp section it's not the best for planars in my opinion.

I can vouch for the Conductor..it's an awesome unit, it have the popular ESS9018 and it sounds very organic. You are able to swap Dac module if you decide to.

Centrance has a nice 10W Class A headphone amp built into the DACmini.
I'm listening to my HD 800's with a Burson Conductor Virtuoso. I opted for the Burr-Brown 1793 chip as I don't care for oversampling DACs at all. To me, they sound more fake than NOS. The best, most natural and organic digital I've heard were all NOS DACs. I'm currently using the Virtuoso's DAC output to my integrated and it's giving my beloved Metrum Octave a run for its money.
Anyway, I'm really enjoying the Virtuoso. However, I am curious to see what valves may do with the "finicky" HD 800s.
This madness never ends.....