Which One box cd player

Hi, Good Day,
Audio Research CD3 II and Meridian G08,
Which one would you buy and why?
All comments are welcome.
Thank You
Luna, I can't comment on the Meridian player since I have never heard one, however I have given a good listen to the Audio Research CD3II and thought it was quite good. In the same price bracket is the new Accustic Arts CDP that upsamples to 24/192, compared with their first generation model that upsampled to 24/96, and is a wonderful sounding player with warmth/liquidity along with details/slam. Another suggestion would be the Ensemble CDP which originally sold retail for $9000.00, but can be gotten for alot less now. It's also a wonderful sounding player. These two players are in your budget range, and I believe offer great sonics, along with the Audio Research player and suggest you put them on your audition list. Personnal taste and system synergy are really the bottom line when choosing, so your own ear's must make the final judgement.
Thank you for your respond Teajay. In Sydney, Our choices are limited due to our 240 voltage and lack of HI-end suppliers. We could only go with what are avalible with the importers here.
By the way, would anyone knows if a 230v machine will works perfectly with 240v power source?
Yes, a 230V machine will work perfectly with a 240V power system.

Both players would appear good choices. I prefer the Meridian because it's current.
I have heard both, but at different times, in different systems. I liked both of them. I think it is really more a matter of different strenghts rather than one being better than the other. I don't think you can really go wrong here. Obviously, demo them in your system if you can.
Thanks guys. Another thing of interest is UP-sampling. The G08 offers that but the ARC CD3 does not!
Does anybody has anything to say about this?