Which one better choice?

Dear friends, I have power amp C J MV-60 SE and preamp C J PV 9A and

speaker ProAc - D25. now I'm looking for another power amp for switch

around, anybody have some experience or idea which one better for me

between PASS LABS X250 and CLASSE CA300 ? Thank you for all . Sean
Your CJ-PV9A has an "Output impedance: less than 200 ohms" this is average and could rise a little at the extremes, this is quite good for a tube preamp, and should be suitable to drive most low input impedance poweramps I would say down to 10kohm.

So look at the input impedance of whatever poweramp your thinking of and make sure it's higher than 10kohm and pick your poision.

Out of the two you mentioned above I would go for the X-250 as I've always been a follower of NP, this amp has an input impedance of 22kohm so it would be good with your CJ preamp.

Cheers George
.(( this amp has an input impedance of 22kohm))
Rings out more like 15 k, would work but not ideal.
Most tube pre amps operate better up at 100K input imp.
Like I said any CJ amp or ARC amp will fit.
ARC SS amps are generally designed to work well with tube pre-amps, since that is ARCs specialty, so I like the idea of going with a company that addresses use with tube gear well, and ARC is ALWAYS a rock solid choice.