Which one benefits more from a better power cord?

DAC or the Transport???

I have just purchased EMM CDSD and DAC6e and have one reference cord (Elrod Statement) and some other lower level Elrods. So which component should I feed with the Statement?
You've got the goods so try it out and see and then let us know!
I would start with the DAC. But I agree with trying it both ways.

Not hard to do.
Well, the equipment are stacked in a vertical stand and handling and positioning Elrod cables are axtremely difficult, especially, the Statement which is humongous.

Of course, I'll try once to see if there is a difference but I just wanted to know if there is a certain preference.
I own 2 Elrod Statements which I use on my amps. I am not sure that the Elrod Statement is the best cord to put on either the transport or DAC as it is designed for amplifiers and power conditioners. The same is true for the Elrod Sig 3 cord. The Elrod Statement II and the Elrod Signature 2 are designed for the front end. When I tried a Signature 3 on my preamp - it sounded slow and heavy - that's when i emailed David Elrod to get a better understanding of the proper use of his cords. You can give it a try, but perhaps you might want to try some other cords for comparison purposes.
if no difference detected between two components mentioned you can take your desicion towards design point of view.
Since you own the statement already I would try a blind test experiment with a friend to see if the statement in various positions sounds better/worse/same to your own ears in a particular position. If you can hear a significant audible improvement and identify when/where the statement is in the signal path... then your tests would not only help you in your decision but would help others on this forum too (particularly those who might have difficulty justifying such an expense)...
OK, I've tried switching the huge Elrod Statement between Transport and DAC several times and found it sounds better when connected to the transport. The difference is not huge but I felt it gave me more focus and dynamics. When the big Elrod was connected to the DAC it sounded also a bit more edgy and metallic.

Interesting. Thanks for sharing this. Intuitively I would have guessed the opposite. I would have thought that the transport, being an all digital device with optical digital output, would be very robust with respect to power supply condition...being digital either it works or doesn't. The DAC, on the other hand, being an analog device, might convey power supply condition to the output signal in some manner.

Thanks for sharing and happy listening with your awesome gear!

It may also be different with other gear and the quality of power supplies. When you say DAC is an analog device you've got me a bit confused as I connect the power cord of my DAC6e to the digital outlets of my Audio Magic Transendence power condiotioner. Is this something I should have avoided and connect the DAC to the low level outputs?
I have the same question for my CDSD and DCC2, as I am still using the stock Kimber Kable PC's with both. The Jena Power One PC is getting a lot of attention now, but at $1,800 list I can't conceive buying two. So, if I wanted to upgrade my system with just one, would the CDSD or DCC2 benefit the most ??? Is there anyone else out there beyond Muratc who has tried this experiment. Has anyone tried this with the Jena One PC on just one of the emm labs boxes ?

The DAC has an anolog output which is why I called it an analog device....your transport has an optical digitial out and this is why I referred to it as all digital.

Digital signals are very robust - they tend to either work pefectly (following thier software program algorthims) or not at all - of course.