Which One Amp for the Magnepan 3.6's?

Given a choice to drive a pair of Magnepan 3.6's in a large room, which amp would you choose (assuming the use of a tube preamp):

ParaSound JC-1 monoblocks

ParaSound A-21 stereo

Krell 250a
With no direspect to you, Stickmen451, I won't to drive my 3.6's with the amps you asked about. I would recommend you audition a Pass Labs X-350.5, or if you can swing it in your budget a pair of Pass Labs XA-60.5's. I drive my 20's with a pair of 60.5's, the best the Maggies have ever sounded. I have heard the JC-1's with both 3.6's and 20's and found them OK, but no were as good as either the 350.5 or 60.5's. I never have been a Krell fan historically, they just don't float my sonic boat.

I also would recommend you take a look at a pair of Myesound stands for the 3.6's, they will effect the performance as much as what amp you use with them.

Have read about the Pass Labs X-350.5; looks very good but perhaps out of the immediate price range...
I'd also look into the Wyred 4 Sound monoblocks.
For a while, I used a KAV-250A with 1.6QR and thought it was a killer combo in a large dining/living room combo that was 24 x 28. Listening in nearfield, the Krell could drive the 1.6 to very loud levels with trememdous bass, a wide, tall, and very deep soundstage and plenty of detail without hardness. I liked it much better than the A21. I have not heard the JC-1 monos. I imagine it will power the 3.6 well too.
From the ones you have listed, hands down the JC-1 monos. If you are open to other suggestions, try a the new Sanders MagTech amplifier...
MofiMadness has a great suggestion, I would also say the Parasound JC-1's & Wyred4Sound 1000 monos.

I have tried a ton of amps, including the Parasounds and the excellent Innersounds (now SandersSound) and along with the big Brystons (14bsst or 7bsst's) I think my current amp with the Maggies is just stellar; Cary CAD500 MB's, big current, big sound.
Between the 3 you list, I'd go for the JC-1's (def not the krells
I agree that the Pass Labs x 350.5s would be an awesome match. I used to use class cam 350's with my 3.6r's - was very happy with that pairing. I like the class even better than the JC 1's. I switched to Lamm M2.2's a few years ago (got a great deal on a used pair) and could not be happier.

Also, second the nod on the mye-stands. They are a HUGE improvement and will do alot of good for not that much of a financial investment.
All have the above have merit.Magnepan uses Bryston amps when they are on the show circuit and have for some time.You may want to consider that choice.
Didn't Audio Research just introduce an amp at CES that is supposed to be a great match to Magnepans? I saw it in one of the CES recaps on Stereophile, I believe.
Audio Research DS450. $7995.00. 450 Watts per channel.
Sunfire Signature(600Wpc) load invariant amp is the best so far from Bob Carver.
Can anyone comment on the ParaSound JC-1's? What 'kind' of sound does it have? Strengths, weaknesses...
But why not Spectron Musician III Mk II fully upgraded which is today available at special price? You can read a lot about it here around. Needless to say that is great match with planers.
About a month ago I picked up a used pair of JC-1s for my 3.6s. They replaced a Levinson 334 that worked quite well in my system. The added power of the JC-1s added a lot more control to the maggies - they played effortlessly, the bass was tighter and the highs more extended and cleaner. I have heard some say that the highs are sharp with the JC-1s but I have not heard that (that could be because I use a tubed pre-amp - you really must have tubes somewhere in the chain with 3.6s). The music just flows with the JC-1s. I am very happy I made the move. Prior to purchasing the JC-1s I thought about purchasing the Pass 350.5 and the Classe CAM400. I have heard both those amps in other (dealer's) systems and was impressed by each and thought of purchasing each. For me, I think it was the desire to have monblocks and the apparent universal praise the JC-1s have received in the audio magazines that tipped me toward the JC-1s. Now, if budget were not a concern, I would definitely look into Lamm 1.2s or 2.2s.
I currently use 2 Mcintosh MC 275's in mono and all I can say is it is sublime!! Taught bass, dynamics out the @@s, and "you are there experience" that has to be auditioned.
Thanks for the info on the JC-1's. keeping an eye out for a good used pair.
I second the Sunfire if you can find one. Great amp that melds with the Maggies really well. I have the standard one with my 2.7s and couldn't be more pleased.
I run a McCormack DNA-500 on my 3.6's. If you like Rock, you should give it a listen.
Well, picked-up a pair of used 3.6's; so far so good! Different sound than my KHorns for sure, but good. Now to find the ideal SS muscle amp... For now, the old NAD 2200pe will have to do...
Parasound Halo JC-1's, lots of current to drive your Maggies, very clean sound from top to bottom, high input impedance easy to match with tube or ss preamp. All the reviews are spot on.