Which Ohms to use? Running a Jolida with Quad 21L

Hi all,

I've seen this question posted before, but am trying to find more information than available on the boards.

I have a Jolida 302BRC and 6ohm speakers -- Quad 22l2s. I know it is safe to run the speakers on either the 4 or 8 ohm output tap on the speaker, but how should I determine which one to use?

You won't hurt anything, so I would LISTEN to both taps and see which one sounds better. You might not even hear a difference.
Don't get hung-up on technical stuff.Try both and decide what sounds best to you.Your ears are the best measuring tool you could ever imagine!!Enjoy the music.
If the speaker presents a pretty constant impedance, then one output tap will probably sound better over the entire audio band; otherwise one tap could sound better for some range of frequencies and the other tap for another set of frequencies.

As has already been said, ultimately you get to choose which sounds best to you.