Which ohm speaker to choose?

Which ohm speaker should I be looking at? And are the new models significantly better than the old ones?
My first exposure to Ohm has been with the Micro Tall and they are fantastic. Tiny footprint, open and sweet midrange, surprising bass and huge soundstage. Ohm has a 60 day return policy so it makes it very easy to check out their speakers, I am sure VERY FEW are returned.
Depends on your amplifiers.
I'm not familiar with the old models, but I have a newer pair. From what I've read, the new ones are much improved. The model to choose is largely dependent on room size. Best to call them and ask.
Only the old Ohms have true Walsh drivers.
ohm recommends different models for different room sizes. the magic is pretty much there if you use that as a tool. the newer 'untrue' drivers sound great too.
I live in new york city, do they offer auditions????? At the ohm factory? Or is there a dealer?
I'm in NYC too - I just drove out to Bklyn and picked them up myself. They don't demo, they only sell direct - they believe in letting you check them out in your home, with your gear.

I'd have you over to my place, but I'm finishing up a renovation, and the set up is a little wonky. I might have it set up better soon...


My space is somewhat small - Micro Talls with a Cyrus 8vs2 - the ultimate apartment set up!