Which of your component purchases was "magical"?

Or better -- "What component purchase had you digging out all of your favorite recordings, late into the night, just to relish in a new level of reproduction?"

We have all heard, read & sometimes experienced this occasional audio "revelation" from time to time. My question is which rare component/purchase did this for you?

(BTW - one of my earliest and most memorable was the first time I heard my Well Tempered TurnTable, after coming off a mid-fi table, some years ago...;>)
In order of excellence (unscientific, and not the same type of components, but hey, this isn't a scientific journal either, so.....):

1)Intuitive Design Summit Loudspeakers:
----->>>Phenomenal, almost beyond belief--hard to capture in words. Still in shock.

2)Dodson 217 Mark 2 D D/A converter:

3)Odyssey Extreme Monoblocks:
---->>>Very highly excellent, and a KILLER value!

4)Rel Storm 3 Sub Bass Unit:
---->>>Highly excellent
Almost always the source for me. This staying up late thing happens anytime I make a major upgrade to my table, arm or cartridge. It also happened when I upgraded from a Genki to an Ikemi CD player.

Although I have really enjoyed other component upgrades, the only non-source changes that have lead to sleep deprivation are phono stage upgrades (first from a Kolektor up to a Dynavector P75, then up to a Linn Linto).
The Audio Research CD-3 mk1 was my first high end cdp. Wow, that was quite a treat. How ever, the 47 Labs Flatfish/Progression/Dumpty was in another world for me. More body, more fullness to the sound, and separation. The ARC had the base and what I thought was fullness, but the 47 Labs was a quite a step up.

Going from a standard 47 Labs Flatfish/Progression/Dumpty to swapping out the Dumpty power supply for a DC power battry supply made by Pure Power (Brian Charney). This was an eye opener as to smooth and refinded sound. AC power is terrible at least in the digital front end (47) I was hearing - which was a step up from the ARC.

The DC battry power supply introduced me into smooth refined sound.

But the largest step up was when I moved into vinyl. I'm using a modest cartridge (Denon DL-103) cartrdige and it's only starting to burn in. Digital doesn't hold a candle. However, I do have a good reference point, as the Zanden DAC is another world above the DC power for the Flatfish/Progression.

Yes, I'm a convert to vinyl now. Nothing new to most, but it's a new addition to my home stereo. I'm a little late to the game...but I'm here now...
My Wife :)
K&K Audio Phono Preamplifier
--->>>Marvelous sound from a hybrid and still not fully broken in. Excellent value.
1. GMA Europas. Replaced NHT's, and the WOW factor was unbelievable.
2. Cayin TA-30 integrated. Sweet, magical midrange.
My first magical experience came when I plugged all my components into a Walker Velocitor.
nagra VPA's......recreates the recording space!
The Aesthetix Io Signature phono stage: it made the music soar while making instruments palpably real.

Then, again, with the arrival of the Walker Proscenium Gold Signature turntable. Pure alchemy like no other I've ever experienced.
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Krellcoda how much did you pay for her, and what are her specs?
My new (new for me) Pass Labs X1 preamp has completely blown me away. My sound stage has exploded, sounds are coming for WAY outside of my speakers. Sounds are coming from the left, right, behind, and in front of my speakers ..... I guess that's what they mean when they say "your speakers disappear".

Speakers: Spendor 9
Amp: MF a308cr
All cables & interconnects: Analysis Plus Oval 9's
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