Which of these would you choose for your system

I am looking for a good monitor and am thinking about the Merlin TSMM, the Silverline sr17, and as an outside possibility the Talon Khite. I have a Belles amp, Rogue pre and Bel Canto dac. This is in a smaller room and the speakers must be near the back wall. I would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks
I haven't heard the Silverline or Talon, but my Merlin VSM-M's work well near the back wall (though I usually try to keep them about 5 feet out). There is a slight increase in bass energy and the soundstage depth suffers some(as expected), but they still sound good and relatively balanced...many speakers don't when placed 1-2 feet from the rear wall. He designed them to take their enviroment out of the sound equation and he really did do a good job (as good as anyone, anyway). Bobby at Merlin often recommends Rogue gear (for tube) and Belles (for SS) with his speakers, so that makes me think you might have a nice match with the Merlins. There are usually a few pairs listing her at A-gon used too.
Consider the Totem Model-1 Signature's.

peter jasz
Choose a monitor whose port is foward firing.
The Talons are front ported and the Merlins are a sealed box.