Which of these USB Cables?

I am considering a different USB cable. Currently, I am using the iFi Gemini dual cable and I am able to run only the unpowered leg from the unpowered USB output of the Antipodes DX to a Metrum DAC that has a powered USB input. I do need the powered leg temporarily to "handshake" with the DAC and establish a connection.
I want a cable that has good body and excellent bass, in contrast to light and airy. It can be either a cable with power and signal together or a cable with power and signal in separate legs, but there must be a power leg. Contenders are;

Total DAC USB cable
JCat USB cable
JCat Reference dual USB cable
CAD USB cable
Here is from an owner of Antipodes DX and Lampizator DAC :)

From top down:

Light Harmonic 10G or Sablon Audio Panatella (don't know if they make Y cables, though, others do)
Acoustic Revive
Audioquest Diamond
So many to choose from, my choices:

Wireworld Silver Starlight

WyWires USB Silver

Cabledyne Reference Silver

If I may make a suggestion, I would look into the Synergistic Research USB Active SE cable. We have found great results when pairing the Synergistic Research USB Active SE at our shop here in Orange County, CA. If you have any more questions regarding cable choice let us know.

- Scott Walker Audio