Which of these tubes should I purchase for my BAT amp? 6C33C-B or 6C33C/6S33S?

    Has any one bought the Ulyanovsk factory 6S33S/6C33C.  They sell for a lot less than the Sovtek 6C33C-B.  Are the 6S33S/6C33C the same as the 6C33C-B?
The 6C33C-B and the 6C33S-V is the exact same tube. Different translations of Russian. Check out this page and that page. The 6C18C is an older equivalent - not as good. Many factories made the 6C33C-B tube back in the day.

I’m pretty sure that I purchased the ones from the Ulyanovsk factory. Bought them from Russian and Ukraine sellers with 100% positive feedback. Never had a problem. Allow 6-8 weeks for standard economy delivery.

As with many Ebay sellers, different prices for the exact same item. I paid around $20/tube plus shipping. It appears that the prices have skyrocketed then.

Visit this site for more in-depth info. Interesting photos of the tube in the guidance system of a Russian cruise missile. Unfortunately, it was aimed at us.
Thanks for your input.  One of the Russian e-bayers has a quad set for $99 and free shipping.  He has 100% feedback (has many satisfied 6C33C custormers) with 14 day return and the tubes are from the Ulyanovsk factory.
That’s a great deal! I always purchased a couple of extra tubes just in case any were DOA. They never broke during shipping but sometimes there might be a bad one - just like any untested batch of tubes.  The ones I bought arrived in sealed boxes.  Even if all worked fine, it never hurt to have extras. The seller probably can add more if you wish. Enjoy!
Hello yenkochris and steakster,  This is a most helpful post since I have a BAT VK-60 and it appears like it's time for new power tubes, at least.  Did everything work out well with the Russian ebay-er?  If so, may I ask what his/her handle is?  Thank you.