Which Of These Three Amp Stands ?

Hope this question isn't too stupid. For looks I like the "Billy Bags 20/20", "Solid Steel" or "Target VF1" in that order. Would there be any "significant" sound differences between these three, or would they all produce basically the same results ? (Besides getting both amps off carpeted floor of course). Just looking for a little advice / feedback from the field.
I have a Billy Bags Rack, I think it's very good, but I believe my Sound Anchors amp stands are built better than the Billy Bags stuff and if I had it to do over again I would consider your choices in the following order.
1. Sound Anchors U.S.A made. Call them directly and talk with the owner, you'll be impressed with his knowledge and sincerity.
2. Solid Steel my friend has one and I'm really impressed. English I believe. I like the use of cones in their stands and platforms.
3. Billy Bags USA
4. Target. I've owned one and know it is not even on the same page as the Sound Anchors.

? Unranked but getting favorable press on Audiogon the Audiopoints/Systrum products. I haven't compared their new stuff, but I'm very impressed. Ask TWL on Audiogon.
I had Sound Anchors make me a cusom amp stand for my ARC VT-100, and I have Sistrum stands underneath my floorstanding speakers. I think both are way ahead of the rest. I so like the Sistrum philosophy that I replaced the supplied spikes on my Sound Anchor with the Audiopoints that Sistrum uses. So I've made a hybrid amp stand, I guess. Anyway, both types of stands resulted in more definition of the bass notes, which I prefer.
Sound differences? How would those be achieved? If you really believe that the amp stand will make an audible difference then you should decide by auditioning them like any other component. Good luck, and make sure your imagination is cranked up to high!
Check out Mapleshade amplifier and equipment stands. I am using their Samson equipment stand with great sucess and their ampstands are just a variant on the Samson design principles.
Pbb - LOL thanks for that it made my day. You'll never get past the visual aspect of an amp stand - better listen blind folded. In other words your brain will pick the best/coolest/audiophilic looking one.
In response to my name being mentioned along with the Sistrum platforms, I'd like to mention that the Sistrum SP-101 platform was given the Stand/Platform Technology Award for this year by Positive Feedback Online Audio Magazine. Check out the current issue.
These units should be on any serious short-list for performance audio and video platform systems.

Thanks guys, I thought this was gonna be "a walk in the park" I shoulda known better, sheesh. I'll check out the link.