Which of these preamps should I get?

I'm currently considering the final item of my Stereo System, a pre-amplifier. My system is currently comprised by a pair of Dynaudio Audience 120, a Rotel RB-1070 Amplifier, a Rotel RCD-02 CD Player, and a JBL S120PII Subwoofer.

My possible choices of preamp are the McCormack TLC-1 and the Rotel RC-1070. While the Rotel maybe a better match for my system, the McCormack is an acclaimed preamp, and it would come faster and cheaper for me, as I'd have to import the Rotel (living in Brazil). So, should I go with the used McCormack, or get a Rotel from US?

Please post your thoughts on this,

Might want to consider a tubed preamp to take the brightness or edge off your system. Look at the Jolida or Antique Sound Lab tube amps; good price range for your system.
Eastern Electric MiniMax!
stick with rotel
If your only going with these two, I would pick the McCormack as I'm sure it would work better for you, and buying it used will save you a lot of money. Good luck, Dave
I agree with Uriah. Even though Rotel amps are solid state, they are not exactly known for their edgy presentation.

In fact, Rotel amps are typically known for being a bit on the rich, warm, perhaps even dark side of life. The McCormack may be the better equalizer.

Oh yea, I decided for the Mccormack pre-amplifier already. Now, reading reviews, I'm kind of tempted to opt out of my Rotel RB-1070 and migrate to another amplifier. I'm considering the Mccormack DNA 0.5 and the Acurus A250. The Acurus is very powerful, and the Mccormack seems to shine on audio quality and refinement. Both are within my price range. Which of these would you choose, and would you upgrade from the Rotel?

Thank you all for the kind support.
I would have to say go with the Rotel. Its often an overlooked company in the high end market, that makes very good sound, very respectable products. Their preamps are really good too. Mccormack makes some OK amps and preamps. But nothing I have ever found special. In the price range your probably looking to spend there is some tough competition.

I also personally cant believe someone called your system "bright".With the proper setup in your listening room you can have a great sounding setup that is very well balanced no doubt. And just so you know I have alot of hands on with all the equipment you own currently. Especially with a Rotel amp which has been known to have a very warm rich sounding midrange for a SS amp.I have owned many a Rotel product and have never found any major flaws with them in musical reproduction, especially for the money.
Rotel amplifiers are a decent amp for the money. With what might be an overly light or bright speaker, a Rotel amp can compensate by giving a slightly rich and warm overall presentation.

As for the McCormack DNA 0.5? This is somewhat of a legendary amplifier. Several years ago, the DNA 0.5 was rated a competitive second to the highly touted $30,000 Krell Reference Standard amplifier. (I believe the DNA 0.5 sold new for less than $2k.)

The McCormack DNA-2 Limited Anniversary Edition was rated the best solid state amplifier by Peter Moncrief of IAR in 1998 and according to Mr. Moncrief, the LAE easily exceeds both the Krell and the DNA 0.5 but was substantially more expensive than the 0.5. (BTW, some place Mr. Moncrief head and shoulders over most other reviewers.)

A DNA-2 Revision A or a DNA 0.5 Revision A easily exceeds the performance of the off-the-shelf DNA-2 Limited Anniversary Edition.

In summary, the DNA 0.5 amp could be a very wise choice. A DNA 0.5 Revision A amp could be an even wiser choice.

If you decide to go Rotel way, skip RC-1070 and go for RC-1090 (new or used) or for used RC-995. I had purchased Rc-1070 and decided to upgrade after several days.
What do you guys think about the Acurus amplifiers? A250?

I'm considering buying the Mccormack DNA 0.5, but the A250 for $100 less would give me more power. Or would I lose too much quality?
The quality of the power should most always be the first priority. Not the quantity.